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Oh, it’s a donut!

I’ve learned a valuable lesson: my marketing teacher hasn’t read an actual word of our paper – he’s only concerned if something is not properly formatted in APA style. This means that of the 33 page final paper (of which I’ve written 19 pages), the only “problems” he brought up in class were related to my sections. I am the only one with an image, table, chart, or graph of any kind. So I got ripped apart while my classmates who happily chugged off 3 pages riddled with grammar, punctuation, and fragmented sentence issues had “a lot of really good content”.

*throws hands up*

So now I get to re-format everything I’ve already done. I’m thrilled and actually have half a mind to just yank all that stuff out. If my 4 other classmates provided less than 5 pages a piece (and I’m including the cover page, 3 page table of contents, and the reference pages in that count), then I could hack off a substantial chunk… How many DAYS until this horror story is over?

Did any of you read the story about Dunk’in Donuts’ new bacon egg sandwich? I didn’t read the article, just glanced at the picture, before realizing the bagel is actually a glazed donut! Now – I’m all about the sweet and salty balance (it’s part of the circle of life, err, food) but a glazed donut?

(Photo: Dunk’in Donuts)

What am I saying? Bacon? Egg? GLAZED donut? I’m betting the thing tastes fantastic! LOL

I have a super-packed day today. I have tons to get done at work, the paper re-write, the 15 page micro paper, the marketing final exam, and the power point to get done this weekend. No rest for this girl!

I will leave you with a little workout motivation to carry you into the weekend:

secret of success

Amen! Have a great Friday everyone!!


3 Responses

  1. Okay – we need to secretly get together and go have one of those sandwiches. I love the sweet salty combo and I bet this is good!

  2. I just heard about that sandwich, LOL! For me, it falls into the category of “Things I Dare Not Try” because I’ll probably love it and crave it every day, and I’m already addicted to too much junk. It makes me hungry just looking at the picture! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh that is so frustrating! Almost done with the semester!! There is a place around me that has burgers made on donuts…so strange.

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