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The Buds are Budding

Woo! I have my microeconomics group presentation done! It went fairly well last night and all that’s left for that class is the 15 page paper due next week. Tonight is my evil marketing class. I spent over 6 hours reading and editing all the crap my teammates put in and now I have to switch gears and re-write the power point. I wish it was as easy as slapping a few lines of text across a couple slides as they seem to think – and yet nothing is condensed enough – quite terrible effort.

I was excited to see the progress on the little flower patch in front of the house though.


I think the soil looks pretty depleted. I’d like to get a bag or two of fresh dirt and mix that in for more nutrients and then cover with some mulch. That will also help keep the bricks cleaner when it rains. I don’t like all the mud that cakes on the side of the garage. I also need to clean up the old leaves and plant remains so there’s room for the new stuff!

I have no idea what this is – it kind of looks like tulip leaves but I can’t imagine it is because the bunnies would be all over that.


Right now this looks like grass but I’m going to let it grow a bit and see if it is actually something else.


Not everything made it, including this sad looking plant:


There’s plenty of shrub trimming to do so I’ll need to get some pruning shears at the store. I’m also staking out how I want to set up my garden. So much work but I want it soooooo much!

I made more blueberry banana buttermilk buckwheat pancakes and the more I make them, the more we love them. No sugar and gluten-free? Win-win. The bananas and blueberries give it all the sweetness it needs and the times we’ve used oat flour works just as well as when we use whole wheat.

What I’ve found is that they refridgerate and re-heat very well. The key is to remove them from the griddle and place directly on a wire rack to eliminate condensation.


Then you have leftovers for a second meal!


Nom – I ❤ any kind of breakfast food. Ben has a friend coming to visit mid-April and Ben’s already requested that I make these one morning for them.

I’m off to do the work thing and then tackle my power point changes before class. This will all be over soon! (I hope) 😉


3 Responses

  1. Those are most definitely tulips! Yay! The bunnies don’t usually eat the new tulip growth. Other stuff, yes. The grassy looking one looks like it might be crocus or possibly daffodils.

  2. Good luck with your presentation. I keep meaning to make waffles–I want to try them with almond flour. I think they’d be nice to pop in the toaster for a quick breakfast.

  3. yayyayayayay growing plants means SPRING IS COMING!!!

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