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C’mon Spring!

Whoop! A high of 45 is expected today – 48 on Saturday and a ton of rain all weekend long. Sounds like the perfect recipe for melting some of this ridiculousness away!

sign of spring

I’m excited. It’s funny but as each year goes by I itch just a teensie bit more to move somewhere with a more moderate climate. But when you cross off the wickedly hot states, and the coastlines… not sure what else is left. Plus there’s that small problem of having all our immediate families here in WI. Guess I’m stuck here a little longer. Until I win Powerball and buy my winter home, right? 😉

It’s rare to grab breakfast at home but I was up so early I decided to make some eggs and eat them before I went. If I ever go back to regular 8-4:30 work hours, maybe I’d have more time for cooking in the morning. But I am really enjoying my cup of oatmeal at 7am.


I had class last night so it was another hurry up and go dinner. We had it all made in less than 20 minutes!

The quinoa pasta takes very little time to cook and we went for meatsauce instead of meatballs to cut down on the prep time. Was thinking the next time I make meatballs I’ll make a big batch and freeze them for a quick meal later on.


Viva Italiano! (or something like that, I’m not Italian at all – but I want to go) Hee

We’ve been talking a lot in class about how the Post Office is shutting down Saturday mail deliveries starting in August. Isn’t it amazing how times change – especially when you live to see them? I remember as a kid how much fun I’d have getting the mail and bringing it in every day, as well as those days when you just sneak a letter into the Post Office so that it can get postmarked on time.

But no longer are the days where we get piles and piles of catalogs, bills, mail from friends, and randomness. In fact, most of my bills are online – which means the bulk of my mail consists of silly fliers announcing credit card offers and furniture sales. It all goes, unopened, directly into the garbage.

inbox spam

Wishful thinking? 🙂

We have another “working” class in marketing tonight to hammer away at our Marketing paper. Most of the other teams have finished and our team is planning on spending the entire time going through and making everyone’s changes in class. Wish everyone could just be responsible and do their own editing but I guess I just grin and bear it. The semester will be over soon and I will never pair up with any of these guys again!

Friday is coming atcha soon! Have a fab-u-lous day!


2 Responses

  1. Wahoooo spring! Finally!!! 🙂

  2. The post office is so incredibly inefficient now. I know email really hurt them, but UPS and FedEx make quite the profit. You think the PO could figure it out as well.

    I saw the first tips of tulip bulbs popping out of the ground now that most of the snow has melted and I yelled out in joy!

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