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Finger Cramps

Looking out the window this morning and I can tell with just another week or two we’ll be back to where we were just before Daylight Savings Time kicked in. Can’t wait to wake up and not need to turn on a bunch of lights!

Yesterday was utterly bizarre. Remember how I said the temps were looking marvelous and we’re up to highs in the 40s now? Imagine my surprise when I was running a lunchtime meeting and looked out the window and saw it was snowing! Aahhh, when will it end? Then we had a brief period of snow showers again last night. Enough with the snow already. Send it back. 🙂

It was pancake day in the cafeteria so I scooped up a plate of their apple cinnamon pancakes. These had tiny chunks of apple baked in and a sprinkle of cinnamon on one side. Pretty tasty though. It’s amazing how these 3 huge pancakes don’t fill me up the way my small cup of oatmeal does. Behold the power of fiber and whole grains!


Last night was a leftovers kind of night. I finished up my weekend mammoth burrito loaded with all the veggies and rice. Good stuff.


I’m in that part of the semester where I’ve been scrambling writing papers and presentations. We have regular classes this week, next week I give a presentation for one class, and the following week two papers and another presentation are due. It’s creeping up quickly but that means all I need to do is hang in there a little longer.

Usually I buy and sell my textbooks through Amazon. Amazon will buy back my used books and then I can use that credit to purchase next semester’s stuff. Works great and is so much cheaper than the bookstore! My marketing book was only selling back for $32 but used copies were going for $70 so I tried something new and listed my book on the Amazon market for $68. It sold within 2 hours! Of course Amazon takes a $13 slice of that but still, a better return back. Might try that again sometime when there’s a big pricing disparity. I’m all about saving $$ on textbooks!

My fingers are getting tired from all the typing though. Oh, I drove into work yesterday and saw someone’s bike on the bike rack! It has to be 20-something degrees in the morning. Brave soul. I guess we’re all itching for some nice weather soon. I am having hallucinations that I’m sitting outside in the warm sunshine sipping an iced coffee and reading some light book while admiring the sunshine. Good stuff. It’s coming!

Plus, it’s already Wednesday! The weekend will be here before we know it! Hurrah!


2 Responses

  1. Mmmm…pancakes! I watched a video this AM re: making protein powder pancakes (includes egg whites) for protein-packed pancakes. (Say that 3x fast 🙂 )

  2. Haha – I type all.day.long. My fingers do get tired. So does my brain. Once I get done working, I am lucky if I can spell anything right!

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