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A Week’s Worth of Groceries

I took a quick peek at the upcoming weather forecast and it’s looking good. Just two days of temps in the 30s and we’re onto the 40s! No looking back here. 🙂

Alex – ever the local celebrity, was asked to show up at the annual pet expo as a tie-in to their “K9 Olympics” theme. So he talked all things golden retriever and Olympics.

The booth:

pet expo 1

He ended up being quite the draw – and their booth won first place!

pet expo 4

When Alex wasn’t hamming it up for his adoring public, he was investigating all the other displays


pet expo 3

EEK I say this with no shame, give me a snake with zero venom that blows bubbles and chocolate and I’m STILL not going to touch the thing. Snakes creep me out bigtime.

Much better:

pet expo 2

He was on the news, again, because the TV crew came back the second day of the expo specifically to get footage of Alex. His celebrity is hot I tell you. I should go into business being his agent. Any sponsors, please contact me.

I’ve gotten a couple emails from people asking to show what I pick up in a typical week at the grocery store. Since we tend to eat a lot of the same things, I snapped a picture from this weekend’s haul.

We buy a fairly large amount of organic food except when it’s either a low pesticide fruit/veggie (like bananas) or is ridiculously expensive and out of season ($7 for a small head of wilted looking broccoli? No thanks).

We have more quinoa/corn pasta, spaghetti sauce, grapeseed oil, milk, greek yogurt, rice, pecans, eggs, coconut, snap peas, half n half, smoked string cheese, polish sausages, peppers, broccoli, bananas, onions, and limes. Grocery bill: $70.


And I finally grabbed an up-close picture of the sausages for those interested:


I definitely prefer these plain unflavored ones over all their other ones. They’ve become a weekly menu item because they are so easy to make.

I’m still catching up on sleep. Yesterday I felt dead most of the day. I have to admit, I actually am prefering this semester’s school schedule. It seems easier to have classes later in the week. Before I was always rushing since I had classes usually Mon/Tues or Mon/Wed but now it’s spread out a bit more. Of course, it’ll get even better in a few weeks when the semester is over. So excited for the Summer break!!

What are your weekly grocery staples? Anything I should loo for next week grocery shopping?


3 Responses

  1. Looks like Alex is having fun! One of my staples is turkey. It’s pricy, but I buy the in-house oven roasted from the deli at Whole Foods. I buy about a pound, sliced, and use on sandwiches, in egg scrambles, in salads, etc.

  2. Peppers, lettuce, cucumber, eggs, and chicken. Definitely all necessary!

    LOVE Alex’s adventures. He is so fancy 🙂

  3. Alex better cash in now while he’s hot! He can get a nest egg set up for himself 😀

    We don’t do a lot of organic just because of cost. I envy your low bill. We spend about $100 a week on groceries. I’ll blame it on cat food…

    Staples for us would be frozen baby broccoli florets, bananas, greek yogurt, almond milk and 1% milk, lots of fruit for me. Meat (which is the expense because we buy the ethical meat).

    With biking weather approaching – more dried pineapple, dates and coconut water coming!

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