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Winter Storm Warning

Did you know this current wave of Winter lovliness is called winter storm Ukko. Since all the winter storms are named in alphabetical order, I think it’s high time we end them for the year! I don’t want to get all the way to “Z”.


The drive home last night wasn’t too bad though. This is mostly heavy, wet snow. There’s a large pile-up in front of our driveway but 75% of the driveway blew or melted away already. This morning the winter storm warning is more due to the high winds (27mph) and blowing/drifting. Luckily if we make it past these next two days, we have a little stretch of mid/high 30s in store. Good for melting all this new white stuff.

Look who wasted no time trotting across the dec:


I’m thinking of getting a rabbit bb gun.

Dinner was more of the smart chicken organic chicken polish sausages and some peppers. Grain-free and gets us each eating a full pepper. If we didn’t eat a veggie for dinner, our veggie count would be zero. I really need to find a quick and easy way to eat more veggies.


I did my yearly health assessment through work and got the results back. While nothing came back alarming – everything is still within the “recommended” guidelines, my overall cholesterol jumped 17 points and my triglycerides moved a whopping 50 points! EEK. My HDL (good) cholesterol gain was wiped out with the corresponding LDL (bad) cholesterol gain. But if your overall number increases, it’s pretty likely both those numbers will go up too. I’d like to get my cholesterol back down as well as those triglycerides, so that’s pretty much my goal this year. It always helps to have a year on year comparison too just to see where you are. If you haven’t gotten your blood checked recently, I definitely recommend doing it. It’s good to know!

                                                                                ’12    ’13   Recommended
HDL   50  58  40 mg/dl or higher
LDL   110  119  Under 160 mg/dl
Triglycerides   84  134  Under 150 mg/dl
Glucose (Fasting)   88  77  Under 100 mg/dl

Speaking of increasing numbers, I pulled the wrong pair of pants out of the closet this morning. These are a size too small and I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day of work. Ugh – ever have that happen?

Some fun news in the family – my older brother Dan who is getting married in July sent out all the fun wedding details yesterday. Countdown to wedding – just over 100 days. Very exciting.

Have a great Tuesday everyone. Don’t get blown over by the wind and stay warm! Spring will be here tomorrow!


5 Responses

  1. One good thing about heavy wet snow is that it shouldn’t drift around with the wind. Gotta be positive 😀

    I have my ‘goal’ pants separate from my regular wardrobe. I pull them on periodically to test my progress, usually just once a month because it is very slow going.

  2. Where did you buy the sausages/what brand are they?

    • They are Smart Chicken brand (organic). We get them from Woodman’s grocery store. They have several different flavors but we’ve found we vastly prefer the regular polish sausages which is what was in this picture.

  3. Eek his wedding is so close! I’m in the 400s! And I cannot believe they are on storm U already! Gross!!

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