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Changing of the season

Howdy blog-reading pals. We’re going to forget (for a moment) that 2-4″ of snow is expected today 😦 and focus on the fact that there is evidence of Spring cropping up everywhere… It’s a necessary encouragement too because frankly, the snow is getting old. 🙂

Friday I was off and running to get a facial. I used to do almost nothing in the way of skin care but now that I’m noticing all those lovely little lines and wrinkles, one of my (goals/resolutions??) was to take better care of my skin this year. So I’m properly washing and moisturizing and getting facials every 6 weeks. Maybe I’ll do a post on this soon because I’ve learned a lot.

After my pampering hour of exfloliating delight, I went over to catch up with the family. Lucky me because I was just in time for cookies!!



These beauties were gluten free and sugar free – sweetened with raisins and cherry juice!


Typically not a raisin fan but these were delicious!

There’s been a ton of activity at their bird feeders and I flipped through all their local flora/fauna pictures while munching on cookies. Nothing is as good as a warm cookie in your parent’s kitchen 🙂

Ben and I went to dinner at Applebees. We had our first date there and it’s funny because we almost never eat there. I think this was the 3rd time ever – and we eat out a lot. I got the fiesta lime chicken.


Saturday morning I woke up to a lovely(?!) blanket of snow. I left 10 minutes earlier than usual to hit my 8:15 Pump class – and it was a good thing I did because the roads were terrible. I was slipping and sliding all over. The locals training for the May marathon were out and about doing group training runs and were running 4 people wide down the roads. Not the smartest thing considering the road conditions. Move over people!!


I made it just in time. Check out my super-close parking spot! Pump was good. I was still really sore from Thursday’s class so I eased up a bit on the weights since I was still achy. On the way out the snow had melted just enough for me to notice my beautiful parking spot – was a handicapped spot. Facepalm. They have the handicapped signs all over and this spot had no sign but had the marking on the ground which had been covered in snow. Oops. My apologies to anyone that needed that spot between 8:15 and 9:15am!!


By noon the sun was out and shining and the roads had completely cleared. The whole weekend was pretty sunny and a lot more snow melted despite the Saturday snowfall.

Ben was busy cooking in the kitchen. All these pics I *discovered* on my camera this morning.






Those are “man potatoes” as Ben calls them. When he was a single guy and went anywhere where a dish to pass was needed, he’d chop up potatoes, season them, throw in tons of butter and roaste them. He got invited to a UFC event at one of his friend’s houses. Ben doesn’t follow fighting/boxing/whatever it was but he always goes to his friend’s yearly event. This time he doctored his usual potato offering by adding cheese and bacon. All I do is raise my eyebrows and smile. Boys.

I spent the evening working on cross-stitch, watching Netflix, and putzing around with some small house projects. My dinner was some of Ben’s leftover bacon and eggs.


Sunday was sunny but chilly. I walked around checking on the water levels in the ditch and look what I found!


Up close:


We have some little plants poking through in the “dead zone” where the water runs off the side of the roof in front of the house. I’m excited to see what these little plants will be. Hopefully the rabbits don’t find them appetizing!


Looks like I need to weed out some flower beds. 🙂

It’s official. Sprouts are sprouting and that means it’s Spring in my book! Now if only we could get past this 2-4″ of snow today… This girl is itching for flowers and birds and clear roads!!




8 Responses

  1. I’m going to have to try those cookies! Are you gluten free? I am because I developed hives every time I ate wheat starting when I was about 35. WEIRD!

    • I am not gf BUT when I severly reduce/eliminate gluten I notice that I lose weight and feel a lot better. I don’t have a gluten intolerance (like celiac) but I do think my body processes gluten differently. So I try and make swaps when I can and I list if a recipe is gf too for those interested.

  2. The snow is really coming down right now–I feel like the poor tulip plants that have started to pop up have to go back into hibernation!

  3. We had snow yesterday 😦 Craziness! And I have never had a facial, but that sounds wonderful!

  4. I am so jealous of your sprouts!! Wahhhh!!! We are getting 8 to 12 inches of snow starting tonight. Wheee…. not.

  5. Those cookies look great! I love no-bake cookies and since the BF is gluten free now I’m always looking for options.

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