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Sore but pumped

Here’s looking at YOU Friday!




I went to Thursday night Pump. I was a little nervous because the one time I tried a Thursday class before, I wasn’t a fan of the instructor. However, last night’s girl was good. Maybe not as perky as my Saturday teacher (which I need to wake me up) but she spent a lot of time explaining the form she was looking for. It was nice. Funniest thing happened though, when you attend class you are responsible for setting up your step and risers, get all your weights and dumbbells, and get your bar set up. My workout bud Renee was running late so I got all her stuff set up and ready… and then some girl walks over, picks up the bar, and starts the warm up! She wasn’t new so it wasn’t as if she didn’t know how things rolled. I quick looked at her and said “sorry, this wasn’t set up for you”. Really, really weird.

This morning I’m feeling a little stiff and sore. I didn’t have as much power/energy – I think I do better with those early morning classes. Still, I’m super glad (as always) that I went.

Here’s a rare snapshot of my breakfast/lunch eats. I usually also have a large cup of oatmeal for breakfast at work. There’s a shocking lack of veggies – I know, I know.


When I got home from Pump I whipped up a quick dinner. Our grocery store makes amazing meatloaf that is great rolled into meatballs for spaghetti.


We used more quinoa/corn pasta – love the pagoda shape!!


Finished with a side of broccoli and some mozzarella


We’re supposed to get another inch or two of snow today and MORE on the way Monday/Tuesday. Boo! I am ready for sunshine in the mornings and temps hitting 50. Bring it. Now. 🙂

I have a short day at work and then I’m off to get a facial. Looking forward to the weekend. Anyone have any great plans? Ever had an awkward moment at the gym like mine?


4 Responses

  1. Wow – gutsy of someone to use the equipment you set up!!

  2. Did the girl apologize or anything? That is weird.

  3. Hmmmm some people are strange! haha Those meatballs look yummy though 🙂

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