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How Do You Pump

There’s one great thing about Daylight Savings Time – more sunlight in the evenings! We’ve successfully changed almost all the clocks but the one in the family room seems to get changed mid-way through the season. In fact, whenever I look at it I always add or deduct an hour to the time as needed. 🙂



Ben had work to do in Madison and left yesterday so I had the evening all to myself. They moved the new group class schedule around so my favorite Combat class is on Sundays at a time when I can’t make it. However, they offer it Tuesdays at 5:15 so I headed that way and got my kick and punch on.

I’ve been doing Pump for a while on Saturdays now and despite only once a week, I can tell I’m getting stronger. The very first class I was doing each exercise with 5lb weights and now I’m branching into a little bit heavier stuff – slowly but surely. Here’s the breakdown of my last class:

  • Warm up: 5 <— each weight is per side, so 5 would mean 10lbs total
  • Squats: 10 (ready to increase this next time!)
  • Chest: 7.5 (just increased, this is hard)
  • Lunges: 8.75
  • Back: 10 (includes “cleans” and deadlifts)
  • Triceps 6.25 (at this point my arms are killing me, not able to increase this)
  • Biceps: alternate between 5lb dumbbells or warm up bar weight
  • Assorted arm work (rotator cuff, etc…)
  • Ab work

I pass on all of the pushups because of my wrist pain. It’s been much better lately but I get a twinge every now and then so I’ve decided not to push it. When everyone else does pushups, I hold plank on my forearms. My abs need the extra attention anyway 🙂

Just a note, if you ever decide to try a Pump class in your area and you lift currently, remember that this is quite different. Ben was used to lots of weight with few reps. In this class, each segment is several minutes of fast repetitions – so you could be doing as much as 100 reps. So start off with less the first time to get it all down and then build.

After Combat I came home and was dying for some cookies and made a quick batch of gf peanut butter wonders.


These are fabulous but with almost 50% sugar content… I’ve decided these will be the rare, rare, rare exception. Makes me wonder if they’d work out with stevia in them. Hmm…

No classes tonight thanks to Spring Break!!! I have some papers and plenty of group project work to keep me busy though. We just have FOUR weeks of classes left before Summer vacation. Can you believe it? Very excited girl here.

Today’s funny – fitness related!




7 Responses

  1. That pump workout sounds awesome. Bet you felt great afterwards. Good way to reward the hard work with a batch of those delicious cookies. Lower in sugar as well – YAY ! 🙂

    • I’ll admit I’m never that excited to go, especially for the early Sat morning class, but I do always feel so strong and powerful afterwards (even if my body feels weak and noodle-ish)

  2. Ha, ha! Funny cartoon!

  3. I like to do circuits with weights where I do light weights and then a lot of reps and move from one exercise to another without rest. Those do get your heart rate up!

    I want some cookies now.

    BTW – I got the stevia in the mail Thanks for the drawing! John is very happy with all the stevia, too 😀

  4. Love that you’re getting stronger! And just got my stevia in the mail, too! Put some peppermint in my pancakes this morning. That tasted amazing! Also , the time in the afternoons is awesome but these mornings are hard to get up!!

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