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Suckered In

I have a startling and horrifying confession to make.

I watched the season finale of the Bachelor last night!

Originally I had planned to make dinner and then head out to 6:30 Pump class but when I got home the Internet was on the fritz. I reset the modem a few times, unplugged and replugged, and then tried calling in but each time I would get finished inputting all my information, I’d be transferred into a queue and promptly disconnected. Ben got home and tried calling with me, got into a queue, and was informed there was more than an hour hold time. Wow.

After 20 minutes on hold, he got disconnected again(!!) so I made dinner and then called in figuring maybe one of us would actually get through. In bizarre irony, I was connected before Ben – and he’d been in the queue for almost 30 minutes longer than me at that point. Time Warner – you get a customer service award of ZERO.

Once we got connected and the guy asked for all our information, again, he told us we had state-wide outages in the area with no ETA on resolution. OK. Since the queue asks for your telephone number and knows which state you are in, why wouldn’t they have some message tell you about this so you’re not sitting on hold forever getting livid only to have no information when you hang up?

At that point it was past 6:30 and too late for pump. So I whipped out my griddle and made pancakes!


Ben wanted an “action” shot of me flipping and I thought it looked hilarious – I’m the headless pancake flipper!016

This was my mom’s new staple recipe for blueberry banana buttermilk buckwheat pancakes (say that 10x really fast!). They were delicious! Recipe coming at you later this week!


So there I was, new griddle finally used, no class I could make, and no Internet. So I sat down and flipped through our 6 stations and saw the finale on. I remember watching the very first Bachelor when I was in college and it was all anyone on campus was talking about. Girls on our dorm floor would all grab blankets and head into the main lounge room to watch it every week.

It was three hours long! Holy buckets! The finales are better (in my opinion) than a lot of the episodes in the middle. I never liked all the cattiness and interactions between the other women. While the whole thing seems so unbeliveably fake (those conversations with the parents and the hopeful brides-to-be are cringe inducing) it’s awful because you get sucked right in. I wasn’t rooting for either girl because I had no clue who either one was but I was surprised by the end. It didn’t seem like he really was all that into the one he picked. Oh well, I suppose that creates more drama. I didn’t stick around for the final live update (after the rose?) but I bet I can sum it up for you:

rejected woman: when did you know it wasn’t me?

guy: there wasn’t a moment, I don’t know, it wasn’t you – you were fantastic

rejected woman: so like, what went wrong?

guy: I don’t know, it wasn’t you – you were fantastic

surprise announcement: they haven’t split up yet and are going to still get married

Who knows if I got that right, but that’s how this usually goes down. šŸ™‚


So I need to know, what reality shows do you faithfully watch each season? What are your favorites? I’ve always been a fan of the house fix-it shows, they are not “reality” perse, but they do feature real people!


10 Responses

  1. Time Warner customer service sucks big time. I hate dealing with them. It’s a wasted time suck.

    I really dislike any reality shows except Project Runway – and I lost interest in that. My favorite show was Downton Abbey. We now get the DIY channel and I really enjoy the shows on there.

  2. I was traveling last night so I missed the finale. I’ll watch the After the Rose–since they always give a recap of the final episode. Less time!

  3. I don’t like the Bachelor because it seems degrading to women and men. But, your pancakes look yummy!

  4. HA! I laughed out loud at being suckered in. I feel the same way about Survivor….I’m suckered into that big time!!!

  5. Haha that is quite the pancake name, but they sound wonderful!

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