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Keep on keeping on

almost friday


It’s a bright and sun-shiny morning here in Wisconsin! The weekend is just around the corner – we’re on the home stretch!

Last night was my economics class and the teacher, known to carry on a bit too much about stuff, spent over an HOUR telling us what he wanted on the final exam and group power point. Now, you might think that is great – he’s being thorough and spending time making sure we are doing what he wants… except 25 of those minutes were discussing his 10-15pg syllabus requirement. Apparently, we shouldn’t get too hung up on it. 8 really good pages is OK. He doesn’t have the time to sit and count pages. Oh and 3 of those pages can be citations… etc… and then he repeated all of that for another 4 times. Kinda bizarre. He’s a very unproductive instructor. Had I known that was the agenda, I would have come an hour later! 🙂

I have Marketing class tonight and I’ll be interested to see what my team is thinking about the group paper. Maybe they are aware their efforts are beyond horrific. Not exactly holding my breath but we’ll see.

You’d be SO proud of me though, I took pictures of my eats all day yesterday! 🙂

After my spoonful of peanut butter, I came to work and had one of my bagels with a vanilla coffee


Unpictured mid-morning snack was a mint chocolate Jocolat bar

Lunch was a new-t0-me raspberry yogurt and some cuties


I was going to get some oatmeal or eggs in the cafeteria but I wasn’t really hungry.

Came home and finished up the veggie pasta – more veggies equals a bigger serving!


The upcoming forecast looks fantastic – some rain this weekend which I think will help melt a bunch of this snow. I’m so ready for evening walks!! Won’t be much longer!

I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow and Saturday I’m doing my first round of bike shopping. Exciting!!



4 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to take walks too!

  2. It was Bagel Wednesday for you as well yesterday? yay!!

  3. So jealous about the massage and the new bike! And I guess the bagel too while I am thinking about it! haha

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