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Time to party

Ahhh the sweet, sweet smell of Friday. If only every day could be a Friday! (Or a Saturday, I’d take that too.) I have another week of school completed and I’m itching to get my work done this morning and be free to ring in the weekend.

It’s also the first day or March! Maybe that’s also why I’m so happy this morning. Nineteen days until Spring baby!!

I was listening to the radio and I always love it when they tell you it’s national such-and-such day or national such-and-such month. Did you know today is National Peanut Butter Lover’s day?? Mmm I suddenly feel the need to get myself a spoonful!

If any of you have tried Nuttzo? It’s a combination of nuts and seeds and is pretty amazing stuff. I saw on their facebook page that they have a 24 hour sale on the original and chocolate(!!) Nuttzo flavors – 50% off!!! If you’ve ever wanted to try Nuttzo, this looks like the best time. The prices are ridiculous. You can go to their website and just enter JARFULLOFLOVE (all caps with no spaces). I’ve never tried the chocolate kind so I’m excited!!

It is also caffeine awareness day. I am fully aware of my caffeine intake – and I love it. (ha) But in honor of watching it, I switched to a medium coffee today instead of a large. That’s progress for you folks! Yesterday I rocked the extra water and I’m feeling mighty good about that. I’m thinking one day a week I should make a really strong effort to pump water and flush out my system. Good for the kidneys.

We’ve had some steaks sitting in the fridge this week begging to be used and with the crazy wind and snow, we’ve kept putting it off. Last night the winds had died down for a bit so we decided to drag out the charcoal and see if we could make some grilling happen!

Funny story, Ben was inspecting my sweater coat for a few minutes and then asked me if it was his sweater or mine. I told him that putting it on would be quicker than trying to figure it out:



Ben, sweetie, I think that one is mine. *hee*

And yet, that was the sweater that made it out for grilling time. Boys are silly sometimes.


While Ben was out displaying his fashion prowess, I was working on the mashed potatoes. We don’t have these often but what a treat when we do!


We had bought a few cheaper cuts of meat and left them in some marinade before heading to work. Good call because the end result was wonderfully tender!


I’m thinking of hitting the gym for another couch to 5k workout and then rewarding myself with a redbox. I’ll have to see if anything good is available.

Have a terrific Friday everyone. Enjoy some peanut butter for me!


3 Responses

  1. Ooops – peanut butter day and I had almond butter! I like nuttzo, but it is soooo expensive. I might have to use that coupon 😀

  2. That’s a good deal on Nuttzo–thanks for sharing.

  3. Hahhahaaha I love that he wore the sweater outside! 🙂 I am in love with Redbox…I have a feeling that’s on the agenda for me today!

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