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Winter Storm Q

I’m surrounded… by snow.

I woke up this morning pretty antsy. Whenever I know there’s going to be a lot of snow and bad road conditions, I don’t sleep that well and I get pretty worked up. I truly have a very short commute to work each morning, but it’s all back roads near farm fields with ample drifting and blowing snow. Combine that with the field of potholes big enough to rip your tire off its axel and we’re talking fun driving times.

Is it Spring yet?

So the first thing I did was open the bedroom curtain and survey. I always do this and yet I can’t really ever get a good gauge of how much snow fell or what the road looks like from that far away. But I do it anyway.

Then I log onto my computer and check the weather. The first picture that greeted me:

winter storm q

(Source: http://www.weather.com/news/weather-winter/winter-storm-q-images-photos-20130221)

If a plow can’t handle it, how am I supposed to? Eeeeek!!!

By the way, this storm is named “Q”. Was I living under a rock this entire year or did Winter Storms start to be named by alphabet letters? I know hurricanes / tropical storms are alphabetical names but I’m not up-to-date on Winter Storm naming conventions.

Yesterday was pancake breakfast day in the cafeteria so I snagged a short stack. It’s more $ to eat whatever is in the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch but every so often they have something that looks delicious and I can’t resist (or I’m running behind with no time to pack a meal).


These are smores pancakes. Odd idea but they tasted pretty good. She just took regular pancake batter and then put chocolate chips and marshmallows on top. The marshmallows melt away – so I’m not sure I’d do that again – but the chocolate melty chips were delicious!

I’m getting a serious Spring bug and have been flipping through web sites looking for gardening ideas. Not sure what to do about those pesky rabbits though. I have a feeling I’m going to need some kind of bb gun and an alibi. 😉

But – if we didn’t have local pests, I thought this was a really cool idea:


You can fill with organic soil without needing to dig up your backyard and poke a few holes in the bottom for extra drainage.

I have my yearly health assessment at work – so they’ll prick my arm and draw some blood. Good day to be paranoid about driving in so I can have nice high blood pressure!! Then after work I’ll be a little baking machine. We’re having some friends over for dinner so I’ll have to whip up something fun to eat. Should be good.

Enjoy your Friday. If you’re in the path of Q this weekend, stay safe (and don’t tailgate the poor women driving in front of you, ok?)


8 Responses

  1. We love to garden even though the rabbits always eat our broccoli. They eat the tops off and leave the stem.

  2. I have been wanting to plant some herbs this summer, that looks like it would be a fun/easy way to do it. I have a tendency to kill any flowers I try to grow maybe i will have more luck with veggies

    • It’s trial and error and a lot depends on the soil and weather – not necessarily the gardener! I thought I’d try a bunch of different fruits/veggies and then see what I have luck growing. But I love the idea of an herb or three as well!

  3. Hope your commute was okay today. We are getting Q Saturday night. I hate the winter storm names. And really, just Q? How about Quentin, Queenie, Quip, Quark. Wonder what they will do with X? That would sound really menacing. Storm X from Outer Space.

    Anyway, I love the idea of the S’more pancakes, but marshmallow fluff (easily made at home) would be better than regular marshmallows. I would do that on oats and it is soooo tasty! Add a bit of coconut, too 😀

  4. I actually wish we would’ve been dumped on by the storm…I want one more good storm so I can snow-shoe but also so I can wear my new boots 🙂

  5. I am the worst with winter driving — I’m still so new to it! Major spring fever over here too 🙂

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