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Say it isn’t so

Good luck to all of the NuNaturals Stevia entrants! There’s still plenty of time and you can earn a second entry by posting the link to my giveaway on your own blog!

I tend to be the kind of person to shy away from whatever is new and trendy. Not to say the new or trendy thing isn’t great, it probably is, but if everyone I know is constantly talking something up – I pass it by.

For that reason I refuse to watch any of the Harry Potter movies (or read the books). It also took me years before I joined Facebook and to this day I still don’t tweet or pin. Call me Crazy Ali.

But I’m now sucked into the world of Facebook and for now, that’s all I need. A few times a week I’ll scroll through the page and see the same post on 20 of my friend’s walls along with a few fun things and some crazy pictures. By the way, does anyone know the story behind that annoyed cat picture that now seems to be cropping up everywhere with various sayings on it?

Some of the bizarre things I’ve seen recently:



I’ve heard Ben say on countless times that everything is better with bacon. While I agree that bacon should be classified as a condiment and not an actual side dish item, I don’t think I’d ever be able to add it to my cookies, cheesecakes, or soda. Coke with bacon? Say it isn’t so!

And then there’s the new statue being built at the Orange County museum of art. Amusing? Sure. In poor taste? You betcha. But they say art is subjective and what better way to express that than with a dog preparing to pee on a building and his larger than life turd randomly plopped behind him. Those Orange County folks are classy!! 😉

orange county museum of art

Everyone is hunkering down and preparing for the next snowstorm to rip through. Looks like some parts of the Midwest got up to a foot of snow but here in GB we’re expected to get 3-6″. Yuck. The roads finally got nice and clear from the last snow dumping we got! I had thought about taking a few hours of vacation and staying home tomorrow except that I signed up for my yearly health screening at work first thing in the morning. They take your height, weight, and waist circumference and then draw some blood to get your cholesterol numbers. I try and take advantage of this every year just as a marker of how I’ve been doing. Plus, it’s right here at work and doesn’t require an appointment, trip across town, and $$ the way it does for my Dr. So I guess that means I’m stuck going into work.

Last night our teacher talked until 9:15pm. I was a walking zombie by the time I drove into the garage at home. That’s a long, long time to listen to someone repeat 5 things over and over. Thankfully, it’s been a pretty easy class otherwise the lack of actual lecture content would bug me a little more. Thank goodness for textbooks right?

Pre-class snacking:


As we get closer and closer to Spring, I’ve been thinking more about my garden. The woods next to our house is teeming with rabbits. It’s making me think a big, beautiful garden might not be in the cards for me. *sob* Anyone know any clever tricks for eliminating the furry creatures without the whole “capture and carry” method? I’m all ears! (hardee har har)

If you’re in the path of the storm, stay safe folks!!


4 Responses

  1. I’m watching the weather…I’m hopeful we do get snow so I can use my snowshoes that have been collecting dust for a year.
    Bacon Coke–gross!

  2. We are supposed to get snow this weekend. All these clipper systems are really annoying. You just get clear and then more snow.

    Yeah – the bunnies. When we lived in Illinois I had bunnies that thought my garden was their personal salad bar. I would bang on the sliding glass door and yell “get out of my garden!!!” LOL. Like it did any good. If you do produce, you need to fence it. The bunnies really only tend to eat young growth, so once plants are bigger, they move on and leave them alone.

  3. Um… READ Harry Potter!!!! Then watch the darn movies.
    They are both soooo good… you cannot deprive yourself any longer. Plus all the hoopla has died down since everything is over with.
    Can’t wait for the snow….psht.

  4. Ewww I am a fan of coke and bacon but that sounds AWFUL haha

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