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Midterms? Already?

Midterms? What Midterms? I am a bit shocked at the stark difference this semester is from last semester. Last semester I spent every waking moment tackling homework and writing papers. This semester – it’s a cake walk and I’m LOVING it. It’s not that there isn’t any work – but most is able to be done in smaller increments so there isn’t a large paper due each week. In fact, this week’s midterms consist of a 4 page paper for one class and an hour long test for the other. I’m not sweating it; it’s all good.

Ben and I went and tried a new restaurant over the weekend. I had a Groupon for a Japanese hibachi place. I’d only done hibachi dining once before with a large group of people we knew and was a bit worried about sitting at a table with 6 other strangers. But, it was a blast!

I didn’t take pictures because I thought that might look creepy. We started with a rich mushroom soup and sipped our drinks while our cook prepared onions, zucchini, and shrimp. You’d be proud folks, both Ben and I ate our shrimp appetizers! Actually, they tasted more like grill than anything else but I’m still not a fan of the texture. Veggies were wonderful.

Ben and I each ordered the filet and chicken and got a huge plate full of meat and mushrooms and topped with bean sprouts. Normally neither of us eats mushrooms but we ate most of these too. They actually were pretty good! All the while we chatted with the other couples. We feasted on orange sherbet for dessert and I was so stuffed I had to take some of my food home.

Saturday leftovers!!


It was a lot of fun. Ben said to keep an eye out if they run another Groupon so we can go back.

I hit the gym for Body Combat on Saturday and really pushed it to the max. Normally I’m not sore after Combat since it’s mostly kicks, punches, and cardio but it goes to show if you focus on each exercise you can get a more intense workout. Don’t waste your time – give it everything you’ve got!

I also hit the gym Sunday too (I was a rockstar this week!) and turned on my all-familiar couch to 5k podcast. Whoa am I out of shape with that! The first day totally wiped me out. Shin splints were back alone with the side ache. And here I was thinking I was taking the first day easy by going slower. Ha ha ha! We’ll see if I keep going with that program or try something else this year.

Ben and I drove around for ice melt to help along a large chunk of ice in the driveway. Ben found a dagger that he’s going to keep to protect his home:


Sunday was just glorious though. Despite our usual errands and my gym excursion, we were home by 11am and I spent the rest of the day watching Netflix and working on some cross stitch. Felt like the relaxing weekends before I started school. 🙂

And then, in typical Sunday night fashion, we mixed up a large batch of dinner so we’d be set for a few meals. It was back to the chicken and wild rice soup. A favorite!


This time around I used regular wild rice (not quick cooking) and just let it simmer on the stove for a good hour. Delicious!


I’ve got some fun posts coming up this week – including a light-tasting cheesecake and my blog’s very first giveaway! Should be a super week.

Let me know what you did for fun this weekend!


10 Responses

  1. The soup looks delicious! I didn’t do meal prep this weekend–trying to really just eat what’s on hand and in the fridge rather than buying/prepping much.

    • Gold star whenever you can use something that’s already in the fridge/pantry. What’s fun was that we only needed to buy the celery for this soup – everything else we had on hand. We’re not as good about using up pantry stuff as we should be!

  2. I love hibatchi and Groupon deals! This reminds me… I have a deal for a sushi place, nom 🙂

  3. Though I am mighty jealous of your hibachi, I am NOT at all jealous of that ice and snow!!

  4. I can’t eat mushrooms. I hate them! If I even get one in my mouth I can’t close my teeth on it (weird, I know).

    I like Groupons, though. We have a couple we need to use soon!

  5. Leftovers the day after a night out are the best 😉 I enjoyed leftover Pad Thai from V day on Friday!

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