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Pumping it Up

Happy Ash Wednesday! Were any of you living it up in great style for Fat Tuesday last night?

I’m definitely noticing the days getting a little longer – my drive to class isn’t quite as dark – but there hasn’t been noticeable daylight when I wake up. As a result, I’m always stumbling around and fumbling for clothes. I’m one of those people who always has the clothes basket full of clean clothes I was too lazy to put away the weekend before. Except I always have to match up my socks, otherwise without fail I will manage to get two black socks that really don’t somehow match.

And then I get irritated and stumble off to get some morning buzz.

need coffee

Last night was Body Pump. Have I said before how much I love that class? I leave each time all rubbery and twitchy with my muscles warm and achy. I like the routine, each class is pretty much the same as the last so you know what’s coming next and how much weight to put on or take off your bar. I’d been babying my arms quite a bit since my arm/shoulder numb pain thing started happening and am happy to say it’s gotten a little better. Last night was the first time I began adding weight again.

I started Pump with 5 pounders on each side and told myself I’d see how that felt and then add from there. It’s soooo easy to lift a bar with just that weight (I can do it one-handed) but once you’re in the middle of a sequence (especially chest or triceps) I am literally DYING. So… I have to take it easy. They have these cute little 1 1/4 pound weights at the gym. I call them the donuts because they are about the same size. It’s easier to add those on then the 2 1/2 pounds because I like the weight the same on each side and jumping up 5 pounds is too big a leap. So I wait until I can make it through a series without taking any breaks, note the weight, and then add more on for next time.

After Pump we were starving. After quick showers I met up with Ben for dinner. I was cold and started off with a cup of their chicken soup.


Ben’s entree was a BBQ chicken pizza. He said it was delicious. 018

I went with a turkey sandwich with black bean salsa and spring greens. It was really good but a little dry. I think it needed some kind of sauce with it.


But the main reason we ever come here is for the dessert. $2 cookies!!

021 020

We always order different ones and then split them. We still don’t know which is the best flavor because they are all so good!


Ben’s was a peanut butter filling with chocolate drizzle and crumbled peanut butter cups on top. I went with a light cream cheese filling and fresh strawberries. Both were fabulous!

A big THANK YOU to all of you for posting your roast ideas yesterday. I definitely needed the ideas and appreciate them! For anyone else looking for roast tips, please see yesterday’s comment section – there’s some great ideas!


7 Responses

  1. Lifting weights always feels good!
    We went out for burgers last night…perfect for Fat Tuesday!

  2. Sounds like a good workout. It’s tough while you’re doing it but doesn’t it feel great afterwards? 🙂

  3. Um… where did you go to eat? Everything looks so delicious! And $2 cookies?! Please… please tell me where I can go!!
    And one day the sun will come up earlier! I hear ya with stumbling around getting ready. Oh… and the laundry in the basket.. except mine are never folded… Oy.

    • Regatta 220 – if you get the value shopper free coupon books they often have a $5 off of $25. The menu is small but they have some vegetarian and gluten-free options. Plus – the cookies. They are soooo good! We’ve often bought two, split one there, and taken the other one to go.

  4. Oh man I want that cookie with peanut butter! And I have heard good things about body pump..just don’t have one around!

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