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It Ain’t Pretty

More snow folks. I woke up this morning and got out the door a good 20 minutes faster than usual so I could beat more of the traffic (I am terrified of driving in the snow and ALWAYS end up with some guy in a huge truck barreling down on me. Of course, I get nervous because they are so impatient, I speed up, loose traction, and freak out. Repeat).

Unfortunately, my car got stuck turning around in the HUGE snowdrift in the driveway. Oops. *Oh Bennnnnnnn!* After 4 swipes with the snowblower I was back in business but it still felt like a trecherous drive. Even if there’s not much snow and the roads have been plowed, the ice and the ruts make it difficult for my car to feel like I have good control. Ugh

Did you know that prior to the Opening Ceremonies, less than 10% of South Korea even KNEW the Winter Games were going on? That sounded impossibly crazy to me, until I realized that I probably wouldn’t know the next Summer games (2015) will be in LA unless I knew a certain fabulous athlete in the Special Olympics program. However, by the time of the Closing Ceremonies, over 70% of Korea knew what Special Olympics was and more than 50% of them said they’d like to get involved. I thought that was terrific!

I credit one of my favorite skaters – Kim Yu-Na and her ambassador role and constant SO tweets for helping raise the awareness. She and Michelle Kwan performed in the Closing Ceremonies leading the audience to a rousing performance of “Gangnam Style”.

so skaters

Alex arrived back in the States yesterday and they took some fun air shots as well as final snowshoe team shots. Today the team will go their separate ways with Alex arriving in Madison tonight.

The team on one of the fancy decorated Korean buses leaving the closing ceremonies:

boys on bus

In-air shots:

plane1 plane2

Good looking team, don’t you think? Can you see Alex on the far right? (Alex, I am *so* stealing one of your Olympic jackets when you get back. Just so you know. Maybe your medals too. OK, maybe not those.)

teamusa depart

Mom wasn’t feeling well yesterday and we’re not sure if it was the lack of sleep (she and dad were up for 32 hours on the return trip!!!) or if she picked up some bug in the airport. She slept most of yesterday and I’m hoping she bounces back quickly. Tomorrow I get to see our Olympian!! I am so excited. I’ll get tons more stories for you all and more pictures too – plus I need an up-close picture of the medalist with his hardware on. 🙂

HAPPY F R I D A Y!!!!!



3 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness. I was OBSESSED with Michelle Kwan growing up! I had this (http://heather-in-heels.tumblr.com/post/41202127484/raise-your-hand-if-you-owned-or-knew-about-this) book/necklace combo!

    Hope you remain safe during the snow!

    • I was obsessed with all things figure skating growing up. I knew EVERYTHING and followed all the competitions. I’m not as into it now, lack of time mostly, but I have scads of old VHS tapes with performances, competitions, and exhibitions. Michelle was awesome!!

  2. That’s a long journey! I’m sure you’ll be excited to welcome Alex back–and see the shiny medals!

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