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Wisconsin Winter Weather

We’re on the home stretch for the work week folks! It almost feels weird to be back to blogging about the usual stuff. I was more than happy to dive out and cover all the Special Olympic happenings. It doesn’t happen every day! I have a few more cute one-off pictures to share today and I’ll probably post some of the best stories I get from Mom / Dad and, of course, the Olympian himself when he gets home.

While the weather in PeyongChang was all over the place, it’s been cold and snowy here the past week. In fact, last Wednesday (a week ago) there was so much snow that my evening class was cancelled. No microecon for a week. Woo! 😉

So instead of going into work that day, I worked from home with a big heated blanket and lots and lots of coffee. About noon Ben called to tell me that due to deteriorating road conditions, they were closing the office. So I made the grand surprise gesture to snowblow the driveway before he got home.



The snow was just POUNDING down. And the fact that the wind was so strong made snow blowing really awful. And then, of course, this happened…


That’s right folks, your brilliant blogger buddy forgot to put gas into the blower before she took it out. So it died, naturally, almost at the bottom of the driveway and with all the snow blowing around, I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to open it up and pour gas in right there.

So I hauled that beast up the driveway, inch by inch. I’m starting to regret our long driveway. 🙂

Packed full of snow creates the new 2013 look everyone will want to copy! Ali the fashionista! Oooh la la!


Ben’s usual 35 min drive wound up being closer to two hours and by the time he got home, he couldn’t even tell I’d snowblowed anything! Argh! Plus, my wrist/arm was regretting all that effort. My fingers are still tingly every day – so weird…

Apparently Ben’s delay was due to an accident on the highway that shut down an entire portion of the road. So… Ben had to slowly trek through the unplowed side roads to get home. He is much, much braver than I!


Check out the NEW snowdrift that accumulated just two hours after I had cleared it!

013 012

Ugh! Today’s storm dropped snow and rain last night and I went out this morning to tell Ben that the highway was slow going in case he wanted to wait an hour for better light before driving in, and promptly WIPED out on the driveway. OWW My left leg is killing me and, of course, I fell on that right hand – tons of impact on the wrist. Sheesh. That’s weather in Wisconsin for you folks!

Any of you familiar with Olympian Hannah Teter? Alex was rubbing elbows with her in S Korea:

Alex with Hannah Teter

He just can’t keep those women away (ha ha ha). 😉

Alex did some very light runs an hour before his prelims started to help loosen him up (he had zero gas to do this during the finals) and got to wear more of his swanky USA gear.

snowshoe 3

Redfeather snowshoes: made in WI!


Ben and I picked Mom and Dad up from the airport last night. The roads were already pretty rough and we didn’t get home until after 11. We’re going to be dragging today! They had been up for 32 hours straight and were exhausted but so excited to share all their fun stories with us. It’s going to be a great weekend to catch up!!


7 Responses

  1. HaHaHa!! That picture of you with snow in your hair made me laugh! Stay warm!

  2. I basically ice skated to the gym this AM. Sidewalks are sheets of ice!

  3. We are getting ready to hunker down here. I don’t relish a foot of snow to shovel. Our snow blower went kaput, so it is hand shoveling. At least it is good exercise!

  4. Try to stay warm.
    We’re going to get dumped on with loads of snow beginning tomorrow night. – of course! Just for the weekend – here comes the snow. Booo!

  5. So sad that your class was canceled! haha NOT!

    I would be totally ok with a million posts about Alex’s travels. I love hearing about them! But I don’t like snow at all…so I am even more impressed by what he does!

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