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More Weather Extremes

Yesterday the high ridiculous – we’re talking almost 50 degrees – and constant rain. Today we’re back down into the low 30’s and are expecting 5-8″ of snow. It’s already started! What a whirlwind week of weather – from the ice one day to record highs to tons and tons of snowfall.

I sat through ALL of the Opening Ceremonies in the hopes of catching some good shots of Alex but I only saw one fleeting moment of him sitting in the stands during the opening speeches. Plus, they were all in Korean! They did post this shot of him cheering from the stands in the arena though.

alex at opening ceremonies3 (1)


I got to talk briefly with Mom and Dad yesterday. We installed skype on their computer and I called Matt who put the phone next to the speaker so I was talking through my phone at work to Mom and Dad through the computer. Love technology. Unfortunately the computer cords are 3 prong plugs so they have little battery life left and no way to recharge. Might not get to do that many more times. They did find Alex right away when they reached the event grounds and had a great day looking around and watching the first day of competition. It’s now late at night in SK and Alex has 2 of his 3 event preliminaries tomorrow. Just found out he’s in Division 1 too: the TOUGHEST division. Kinda bummed because that even further reduces the possibility of a medal.

Matt’s enjoying some alone time with everyone gone but we dragged him over last night for dinner. There’s only one food that can effectively bribe Matt:






My boys before dinner:



Our store started carrying grass fed beef! Soooo exciting 🙂 Sometime’s it’s the little things that make your day. Not organic, but local.



Then while the boys ventured upstairs to play some computer games together…



I was in the kitchen busy making cookies!



I know when people think of comfort food, chicken noodle soup comes to mind a lot. For me, it’s warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. The smell is amazing, the dough is incredible, the finished product – with it’s melty chocolate chips, tender and oh-so-familiar vanilla cookie – it reminds me of fun baking times growing up. It’s my ultimate comfort food. Yum


Looks like I’ll be working from home today to avoid all the snow coming home this afternoon. Not sure if they’ll have classes tonight or switch them all online instead. The Winter storm is expected to go until 6pm – and class starts at 6. Should be interesting. Not looking forward to snowblowing this later either!! 🙂

Here’s hoping we don’t get the 5-8″ and it’s more like 2-3″ 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Sounds like a fun night! Good luck to your brother!

  2. Ahhhh I feel like I know a celebrity based on your posts. Look at Alex! So exciting! So sad about the lack of communication, though. Also, I want cookies.

  3. We’re getting pounded with heavy, wet snow. I want to bake cookies or banana bread after work tonight. I feel like I have to bake during snowstorms!

    • Banana bread sounds amazing! We’re getting pounded here too – probably the worst it’s been all day. Ben was stranded at work because they shut down the highway due to an accident!

  4. Cookies!!! Yum! That room with the computers – did the previous owners have a waterbed in there? The rug marks look exactly like our rug did when we moved our waterbed LOL! (I miss that bed).

    • YES – they had waterbeds in ALL the bedrooms and never moved them – so the carpet is terrible. All squished beyond repair and very worn out all around. Every carpet needs to be replaced. In the meantime, we’re just not caring about it (ignoring it) and don’t freak out if guests leave their shoes on 🙂

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