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After all their flight delays, having to stay overnight in San Fran, missing the Opening Ceremonies, and then missing their final shuttle in Seoul by FIVE minutes, Mom and Dad are finally enroute to their hotel. I have a feeling they will be asleep before they even get their coats off!

I also learned something new. I’d always been pronouncing PyeongChang phonetically: Pee-yahwn-chang. But, it’s actually pronounced Pung-Chung.

They streamed the Opening Ceremonies and have it online but I only had time to see a bit of it this morning. And, of course, I started crying and had to stop watching. That kind of stuff always gets me. Couldn’t find Alex in the parade of nations but then again the coverage while team USA was walking out was DISMAL. They spent more time filming people in the stands then they did of the actual athletes. Kinda disappointing.

proud so athlete

(darn right!)

Back in Wisconsin land, I spent yesterday emailing and calling the Incheon airport trying to find out what Mom and Dad were supposed to do for transportation (it’s 4 hours to Alpencia where the SO shuttle runs back and forth to the hotels). Finally got some traction at 9:30pm last night – 12:30pm Korean time. I’m starting to get good at figuring out the time change 🙂

Alex has no preliminaries tomorrow so Mom and Dad can sleep in if need be and not have to rush over for a 9am heat. However I know Mom’s anxious to see Alex and get into the crush of the games. They feel like they’ve already missed a lot – plus they haven’t had the couple days to adjust to the time change. Right now it’s 6am in WI but 9pm in Korea. Quite the difference!

Ben tried a new chicken preparation idea last night. We took chicken breasts, seasoned them, added sliced peppers, covered in finely shredded cheese, and covered in foil. The idea is the seal will make the chicken uber moist as it cooks and you won’t have dry meat.


Up close


We cooked these longer than we would normally – 30 minutes – and were afraid they’d be dry and overcooked. Not the case!


Super juicy and tender chicken! Paired with some more veggies. Love all those veggies on the plate!


Definitely will be using the foil wrap technique again soon!

We might hit an all-time HIGH for temps today. Early predictions have 54 for the high. Can you believe it? Of course, non-stop rain to accompany it. Then tomorrow we’ll drop 20+ degrees and get 5-8″ of snow. Lovely…

Off to work. Have a great day!


7 Responses

  1. So glad that they arrived safely. It really stinks they missed the opening ceremonies – but at least they will be able to cheer your brother on in his events!
    It’s wonderful that it’s suppose to be so warm today… but seriously, the lightning and thunder?! In January?! Crazy.

  2. Loving the foil idea! Saves from clean up too, right?? And I have been follow the special olympic tweets about the winter games all morning! 🙂

  3. I really want to try making fish wrapped in foil. May help with the smell of cooking fish!

  4. Did Ben eat all those veggies? Good for him LOL!

    Your parents are so lucky to have you as their liason for the trip.

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