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Bruising and Some Cold Weather

Why is it that weekends always seem to fly by so quickly! It’s just not fair. 🙂

Saturday was ridiculously awesome 45 degree temps. Ben and I raced around doing a bunch of errands and instead of driving to and from stores the way we normally would have, we casually strolled and took advantage of the great temps.

Good thing we did because the winds picked up and yesterday’s high was around 11. Today we’re expected to hit 2. That’s right. Two degrees. Tomorrow the high is a whopping 6 degrees. That’s WI winters folks!

The days are getting longer though, which is awesome, and although I can’t yet tell any difference in the morning, it’s still light out around 5pm and I can appreciate the pretty Winter sunsets.


Friday I tried a new massage place. I had a Groupon that was about to expire and I thought some massage might help get the blood flowing in my arm a bit more. The severe pain had dwindled but I was still a bit achy and anything requiring a lot of effort (unscrewing a jar lid, lifting a heavy box, etc…) wasn’t working for me.

I indicated my injury on the chart and explained to the lady about the numbness and pain and asked her to work that shoulder/neck/arm a bit more. Then I settled in for one of the most miserable hours of my life. Ever have one of those experiences where you *knew better* but did nothing anyway? For starters, I’ve never had a massage with that much pressure before. I kept telling myself it hurt because I was so tight and that I just needed to relax, breathe, and work out the muscle issues. I left sore and achy and anything BUT relaxed. The next morning my forearm was significantly swollen and tinged a light yellow from the bruising. I went to Body Combat (with all my bugs and health stuff, I’ve been out of the gym for a MONTH) and could only throw punches with one arm. I just sat on the mat while they did their pushups and mat exercises. No way could I do much of anything.

It was great to get back into the gym though. I never like going but I felt like a million bucks (except for the arm) when we were finished. Plus, our instructor took Renee and me upstairs to give us a mini demo of a spin class. He helped us adjust our bikes and walked us through the various positions before we did a two songs to get a feel for how it works. I can tell it will be challenging on my quads and butt. Probably a class I’d have to ease into – but something I want to try!

Alex’s co-workers planned an surprise huddle and gave Alex a company sweatshirt, “Olympic” flag balloons, assorted goodies, and a wonderful Good Luck card where his co-workers signed and wrote little messages wishing him luck in Korea. He heads to Madison on Wednesday where they have a formal send-off for the Wisconsin athletes. Not too much longer to go!


We tried a new recipe this weekend – cooking a burgundy spoon roast. After we bought it and got home, I read the ingredients list (when you buy from the grocer in the deli counter, how come the ingredients aren’t listed then?) and saw the first ingredient was “MSG-Free Beef”. Huh? That’s good but kinda odd, don’t you think. Then, sure enough, in the marinade was the dreaded hydrolyzed soy protein. Argh. Why list MSG-free beef only to have MSG as an ingredient later on? Word to the wise, if we buy a roast again, we’ll get an un-seasoned one and spice it up ourselves.

Simple to prepare though, cook at 325 for 25min / pound or until the internal temp reads 145. We cooked it in a bit of red wine and now have tons left over to make this again!


Then Ben cooked up some green beans tossed in olive oil, garlic, and minced onion. They were super tasty and I loved how cooking them on the skillet made them crispy instead of mushy.

My plate:


In sports news, the Ravens have made it to the SuperBowl. I’ve never been so thankful a team knocked the Patriots out (sorry Pat fans!) however judging from the way Facebook blew up and the commentary surrounding Belichek’s unwillingness for a post-game interview… maybe I’m not in the minority for disliking them. Atlanta lost, which was a disappointment but it’s kinda fun to see the brothers face off in the SuperBowl. Go Baltimore!!


5 Responses

  1. I love my massages but you’re right, sometimes it just plain hurts. My most painful areas are my calves. But it’s worth it.
    Next time, try hot stones – Ahhhh 🙂
    Hope all those aches and pains go away soon.
    Food looks pretty good.

  2. I am afraid of massages for that reason, although my sister also had a hot stone massage and said it was the most wonderful thing ever, so now that is on my list 😀

    I am so not a fan of the Patriots. Glad Tom Brady’s smug face won’t be in the Super Bowl (sorry not very charitable there… )

    I don’t necessarily want to watch the Harbaugh brothers ranting and raving at the officials though. They sure have mouths on them. It will be on each side, too LOL! Now time to plan Super Bowl foods – since I won’t be venturing out in this blistering cold any time soon. Brr…. Stay warm!

  3. Blah to Baltimore! Biggest rivals for us Pittsburgh folk!

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