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Guess Who?

It’s Friday, let’s party! TGIF!!

We had some more excitment yesterday when I was walking through the grocery store and this face was staring back at me from the front cover of our weekly news journal:


The article took up most of the front page and half of an inside page as well. My superstar Olympian! It’s been a challenge for him to train too because, as you can see from the pictures, we haven’t exactly been flush with snow.

Mom managed to get one shot in his competition gear the afternoon before the 40 degree heat wave and so it looks a bit more “legit” I gotta tell ya, only athletes can get away with wearing clothes THAT tight and still looking amazing. 🙂


Forecast is predicting 1-3″ of snow today and for Alex’s sake, I hope we get some. Looks like he’ll be heading to Madison on Wednesday for the Olympic send off and then they’ll stopover in Denver for a day to pick up more athletes and fly out of San Fran on Friday. Getting closer!!


5 Responses

  1. Wow! You must be so proud!!!

  2. That is so exciting for the entire family. I’m going to have to ask for Alex’ autograph.

  3. AhhH I am seriously so freaking excited! Will this be televised or broadcast at all????

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