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Left-handed mousing


Would you believe I just typed WEDNESDAY and then did a “duh” and deleted it? Some weeks Tues-Thurs always mess me up. πŸ™‚

Happy to report that the first day of class is out of the way! One down, 23 to go! My microeconomics teacher has a wicked accent and is really hard to understand. Plus, some of his comments make no sense. He said if he ever got put in a gas chamber he’d die because he didn’t know how to pull teeth. I’m lost…

It feels a bit weird to be back in the school swing and with classes on Wed/Thurs it’ll take a little more getting used to because usually I have classes at the beginning of the week. Usually class runs from 6-9:15pm but thankfully he let us out at 8pm. It was wonderful because I’m not sure I could have taken 3 hours of rambling Day One. This girl needs to be eased back into it.

Yesterday was spent babying my right arm. I took my cold pack out of my lunch and stuck it on my arm and I even resorted to using the mouse with my left hand. Go ahead, give that a try. It’s harder than it looks!! πŸ™‚

Mom’s been ordering all her winter organic produce from a local farmer. Apparently he works with other co-ops who still have fresh crops so he can have a steady supply all year. One of the fun things for Mom is that he’ll often throw in various “extras”. For instance, if Mom needs certain ingredients to make a soup – he’ll give her twice the amount, charge her nothing, and have her bring half the soup with her next week. Like a barter. She’s loving it.

This week – this monster arrived:

org pump 7


First, slice in half, remove the seeds, and cut into small pieces for baking

org pump 1

Cook the pumpkin

org pump 2

We wanted puree for baking so we ran the cooked pumpkin through the food mill.

org pump 3

This is the amount of puree we got out of HALF the pumpkin!

org pump 4

Freezer baggies were used for most of the puree and some was reserved for … pies! We had to let the puree sit over a cheesecloth for a couple hours to reduce some of the moisture. We weren’t sure if the pumpkin was too runny – definitely not what you find in canned pumpkin!

org pump 5

We’ve been doing a lot of pie baking with Stevia instead of sugar and the results have been great. Mom used sprouted wheat flour for the crust and the custard filling was wonderfully creamy and light! It was fantastic!

We’re keeping some of the seeds to use for seeding next year and the rest we toasted and tossed in grapeseed oil with some sea salt. Crunchy masterpieces!

org pump 6

It was a fun process. I’ve never taken pumpkin from plant to pie before and even though it’s less time-consuming to whip out a can, you know this is healthier than even the organic stuff packed into aluminum. Plus, it was sooo fresh-tasting!

Anyone else still eating pumpkin or is everyone pumpkin’d out?


9 Responses

  1. That’s honestly really impressive! And looks fantastic! I bet it’s a 100 times better than a jarred pie!

  2. Puree looks great. I’ve never attempted making my own. I may start making my own veggie and chicken broth – no/less salt!

  3. I LOVE pumpkin seeds! There one of my favorite fall treats.

  4. I love pumpkin so much! I eat it year round πŸ˜€ We do sometimes buy the sugar pumpkin and the pie filling comes out so much better with fresh puree. Good stuff.

  5. Fantastic. Love the “barter” idea too. I’m officially craving pumpkin pie now. Have a great day Ali. Hope your arm heals quickly.

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