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Shaken or Stirred?

It’s windy outside.

It’s also hot and spicy food day. So, if your palate yearns for bold flavors, burning tongues, and watery eyes – today’s your day to indulge!! 😉 I’m not into hot or spicy food. Sometimes I reach way outside my comfort zone though and buy the “medium” salsa instead of the mild. Ben thinks I’m weird.


I’m just say’in.

Do you know what else is awesome? We’re half-way through with January. Whoooopitydoo! 🙂

I need to solicit your unqualified medical wisdom here folks. Monday night I was sitting on the sofa watching netflix and noticed some slight pain and tenderness in my right wrist. I did some wrist stretches and went to bed. No biggie. But then yesterday evening I noticed it came back again – but slightly more intense. More stretches, had Ben lightly massage my wrist and arm… Now this morning. HOLY OMG OUCH It hurt to twist the cap off the milk, I can’t lift my full water glass, it’s just flat-out painful. I took some vitamin I (ibuprofen) and I’m leaning towards thinking this may be tendonitis… does carpal tunnel come on that fast? With all my health stuff lately, I’m a little more paranoid than I should be but the idea of needing a brace / surgery / etc… don’t want to think about it.

Ben and I have been making protein shakes for breakfasts in the morning and I’m excited about my awesome new find!


I bought us each a Blender Bottle – they’re $7 on Amazon – and they come with a little wire ball that helps break up the powder so you get a nice foamy milkshake protein drink instead of a clumpy mess (ever tried stirring protein powder into milk? ugh!!).

I tossed chocolate protein powder in with the milk, gave a few shakes, and got a wonderful frothy well-mixed drink. I need to see how this does if I toss in a little peanut butter (me loves some choco-peanut butter protein shake)


Dinner was pecan crusted chicken with broccoli and corn topped with some parmesan. Leftovers for lunch today!


Ok, my arm/wrist is killing me. Time to take a typing break. Class starts TONIGHT!! EEK!


3 Responses

  1. MMMMm that dinner looks fantastic! Hope your class goes well!

  2. Okay – totally not a doctor, but I do orthopedic medical transcription. Carpal tunnel comes on over a long period of time along with numbness and tingling.

    You might want to check out tenosynovitis. I had that. I wore a wrist splint and did a course of antiinflammatories and that did the trick! I think it was mostly the antiinflammatories that helped me. The doc said take it for 2 weeks consistently.

    • I’ve never heard of that but I’m off to Google it right now! I was really, really hoping it wasn’t carpal tunnel and that makes me feel a bit better. I don’t need to deal with that right now. 🙂

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