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Are the days getting longer?

As you know, the shortest day of the year coincides with the Winter solstice on December 21 (2012). Ever since then we’ve been slowly gaining a few seconds of daylight each day. I’ve gotta tell you though, I’m not noticing it in the morning yet. It is DARK on my morning drive into the office and I cannot wait until that first morning when I’m driving and can see the sun creeping up on the horizon. Something good to look forward to!

I’m also looking forward to a couple other things. My older brother Dan just got engaged!! They have been dating even longer than Ben and I have been and announced their engagement just after the holidays. They’re planning a low-key, family-focused wedding in July. It’s pretty exciting because Dan’s the first kid on my Dad’s side of the family to get married. Maybe I’ll get to help pick out flowers or something. 🙂 Funny, I really don’t like weddings but I love giving opinions. Ha Ha

And last but not least, I now have something else fun to look forward to this Winter. A car! Long-time blog readers will remember all my horror stories about my car randomly dying will driving down the road (terrifying) and cases where I could not get it started only to try again a few hours later with absolutely no trouble. When Ben’s car mechanic found the issue was related to my ignition, the problem was fixed – but I’ve had car shopping on my mind for the last several years. I’m the kind to drive a car into the ground. Car’s aren’t exactly an appreciating asset! Plus, I’m not vain and don’t need a sparkly new car every couple of years. But… I will soon!


Ok, that’s not my soon-to-be car. LOL It’s been cold and snowy and it’s fun walking through the showrooms and sitting in all the new models though! Honestly, I was expecting car shopping to be fun but it was actually stressful. I didn’t have much luck finding decent salesmen (kinda wanted to punch them all in the face) and even when I came prepared with exactly what I was looking for, I had to justify what I was looking for if they didn’t have that exact combo on the lot. Which, they didn’t.

So now comes the wait until mid-February when I can go pick up the car. I’ll have more details to share then. In the meantime I’m trying so hard not to watch car commercials. Honestly, I was so frustrated in the 4 dealers I did go to that there was no way I was going to visit every single car lot. So now I’m second-guessing. But I’m sure it will all be fine!

Some fun facts of the day. Did you know today is National Hat Day?

Where your hat with pride!

packer hat



It’s also National Strawberry Ice Cream Day! Seems like an ice cream day should be in July or August. Then again, I like ice cream just about any time. 🙂



I’m hitting BodyPump up tonight. With the Christmas kidney stones and then my recent bug, I haven’t been to the gym since before Christmas! The plan is to take it easy tonight and not be too hard on myself since I’m sure I lost a bit of lifting ground. That’ll come back.

Have a great day!


8 Responses

  1. I just might have to have some icecream tonight. Sounds like a good excuse!

  2. I really want to find and buy one of the Packers sideline hats!
    I have noticed the days getting longer at night. It’s wonderful!

    • Ben’s mom gave him a sideline hat for Christmas and since then she told us they sold out everywhere. Hope you can find one – they have super soft felt on the inside and I freely admit to borrowing his a time or two. 🙂

  3. I have noticed longer days – yay!!!

    We are going to be car shopping as well. Ours is 12 years old and we were told the transmission was on gravy time (eep!!) We are looking at a Prius.

    Thanks for you comment on my blog. Sometimes I hate being the complete softie, you know?

  4. Ohhh a new car, eh? Nice!!! 🙂

    • It’s LONG overdue if you ask anyone that knows me. Everyone thinks I’m crazy not to have replaced it last Winter when it kept dying on my while I was driving down the road. I’m a little insane I think sometimes. Or cheap. Or both 🙂

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