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The Plague Lingers

Quite honestly, after yet another night where I wake up around 2am with a massive coughing attack – I’m feeling pretty wiped out. It’s amazing how much more exhausted I feel with that single interruption. I think it throws my sleep cycle off just enough that when the alarm goes off, my body thinks I should be getting another hour or two of shut-eye.

So ready to be done with this!

While I’m tired in the mornings and am alternating sipping water / sucking on cough drops / blowing my nose throughout the day, my energy levels in the evening have been pretty good. Last night we tried a new recipe for ham. Would you believe that I’ve never actually cooked ham before?


Normally I’d lean towards the brown sugar / honey glazes but instead we went for a mock scallop potato and ham ensemble. I just scored the ham, topped with dijon mustard, sliced carrots and potatoes, and added some chicken stock and a bit of half and half.

When it was done I shredded some cheddar on top.


My plate:


It was really good and the bonus is we have lots of leftovers for the next few days!

I’m also telling Ben he needs to either hide his Christmas sale candy from me or eat it faster.


Hello temptation, my name is chocolate!

Have you guys heard that Hasbro is retiring one of the Monopoly game pieces in order to come up with some new, more “with it” game piece? Monopoly was my game of choice as a kid – although I’ll admit to being a really, really poor loser. 🙂 It’s hard to work that much towards a Monopoly and have someone take all your money!! Ha Ha

They are having fans vote to save their favorite pieces. I voted last night because I’m ridiculous and was always the shoe. The shoe needs to stay. Not that I’ll ever buy a new Monopoly board game – I think I have 4 already (different editions) in my closet!!


Did you play Monopoly as a kid? What was your favorite game piece?


6 Responses

  1. I’m curious to see what the new game piece is. I’d have to vote to keep the dog!

  2. I’m going to have to try cooking a ham that way. I’ve only made ham a few times and it turned out pretty boring.

    As for the monopoly pieces, the dog is my favorite! But, I’d totally be into a cat piece!

    • If you try the ham, we shredded the cheese and then let it bake a bit more before serving. If I were to do it again, I would not put cheese on the ham itself. The mustard is good enough and the cheese just hardended the topping. We also used a touch of salt & pepper.

  3. I actually never liked monopoly because I am too spastic and can’t sit and play a game that is that long! haha

    And ohhhh man I am so glad I don’t have a bag of Reese’s at my house…it’d be torture!

  4. I played Monopoly and always liked the iron or the thimble for some reason.

    Ham is so easy to prepare and there always seems to be endless leftovers! 😀

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