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2013 Goals

jan flowers

A friend posted this picture on Facebook yesterday and I made it official, I’m buying a calendar to hang on the wall in my office with the SOLE purpose of counting down until Spring (or April 1 – which I tend to consider the *safe date* when huge snowstorms are likely no more). I’ll readily admit I get pretty envious of those bloggers that live in warm climates and are blogging about their breakfast on the back porch. Not fair!! 🙂 What IS awesome though is that the temps have been pretty warm around here – highs today expected in the mid to upper 30s. I’ll take it.

Sometime around mid-December I start to think about the resolutions I made that year. I evaluate how I did and what I could have done better and then I turn my attention towards the things I want to accomplish in the New Year. Typically, I’m all ready with my resolutions so I can rock ‘n roll come Jan 1. Not this year!

I read a great article on how to make good New Year’s Resolutions and if you haven’t made yours yet, give it a look. I always try and make good, specific resolutions but sometimes I bite myself in the foot before I even begin. For instance, last year a goal was to lose 30+ pounds. I don’t know that I even managed to lose 5. Identifying the exact amount to lose was specific, and measureable, but I should have been focusing on specific things I would do that would lead to that goal. I know myself too well – if something starts to take too long, I flounder.

So after pondering, I decided not to have any resolutions this year. Resolutions imply giving something up or starting something new that will, hopefully, become a habit. I just want to focus on goals. Here they are: *drumroll*


  1. Attend 20 BodyCombat classes
  2. Attend 20 BodyPump classes
  3. Walk/jog/wog 225 miles
  4. Bike 225 miles
  5. Complete 4 more classes towards my MBA
  6. Complete one monthly goal each month
  7. Run/walk my Sept 5K and beat last year’s time

So we’ve got 40 fitness classes – almost 1 per week which is great. I’ll shoot to attend more often in the colder months so I can enjoy more outdoor activity when it warms up. While I’d love to lose weight, I’m not adding that as a specific goal. I’m hoping being more active will help with that and I think I’ll do better if I shoot for that in one of the monthly goals. It’s a limited time and I do better when I have a definite end in sight.

January’s goal is to drink a big glass of water each morning before work (or breakfast on a weekend). With the re-occurance of my kidney stones it’s clear this is an area that needs to be addressed and considering I may one day need to donate a kidney, I need to keep mine in tip-top shape. Increased water consumption is a MUST.

Anyone have a resolution or goal for the new year that they’re excited about and want to share? I’d love to hear about them (by the way, my article said you will increase the odds of making a goal by 70% if you write it down… so do it! 🙂 )



4 Responses

  1. Good goals! I am challenging myself to bike 2500 miles this year. I may have to bundle up and get out there early to do that 😀

    I love the changing seasons, but I would say that winter is my least favorite. It’s pretty, but I can’t garden or bike.

  2. Great goals for 2013. Love the mileage goal. I’m trying to become a runner this year, and all those miles will be awesome!

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