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Cookie Monsters

It was rough being back in the office yesterday and I’m still not fully recovered. My nose is looking a little red and puffy from all the kleenex rubbing and I have yet to make it through a night without a coughing attack. My nose is so congested (it normally is a bit anyway due to allergies) that even with a decongestant, I end up breathing through my mouth – which dries out my throat so I wake up somewhere around 2 or 3am coughing and needing water. Here’s hoping that was the last night of THAT!

Since my collection of kleenex pictures, orange juice beauty shots, and pathetic sick poses doesn’t seem all that thrilling, I’m going to backtrack a bit because I noticed I never brought you up to speed on the awesome day of cookie baking we had at my folks’ house before Christmas. Mmmm cookies!!!

Ben was the official Hershey kiss unwrapper (he’s the only person trustworthy enough not to nibble!!) and the cookie ball roller (rolling the cookies in whatever they needed to be rolled in)

He’s a pro!


Mom and I took turns whipping up double batches of our favorite Christmas classics.


Pre-baking deliciousness:


We had a few butternut squash from Ben’s parents’ garden and roasted them in the oven


I cubed and tossed with some grapeseed oil and cooked at 375 for an hour stirring once. Mom had never had roasted butternut squash and could not get enough! But there was so much we turned some into squash quick bread:


In the end we made Swedish Cookies, Russian Butter Balls, Hershey Kiss cookies, and Date Balls


The date balls were – by far – my favorite cookie this year. Simply amazing! Mom bought a flat of beautiful organic dates and you cook them down and then add in rice krispies and roll in coconut. To DIE for!

We stayed for dinner too and had a feast of organic chicken and veggies


My plate:


I’ve never had organic gold potatoes before and those were so buttery and full of flavor it was ridiculous.

We did our baking on the 23rd and then on Christmas Eve I made my (now-traditional) “Christmas Crack”. Ben nicknamed it because it’s decidedly unhealthy for you but hard to stop eating.


I’m assuming any benefit I got from my organic butter and brown sugar was lost swimming in all that corn syrup. At least I bought the kind without HFCS in it!


Double batch – waiting for the caramel coating


My bounty:


I always drizzle the top with white and milk chocolate. It adds a little more oooh-yum-yum to it!


Now that you’ve all feasted to your heart’s content – tell me what your favorite Christmas cookie was this year. It never hurts to write this stuff down when it’s fresh in your head!

Here’s hoping tomorrow I’m sneeze and cough-free!!


6 Responses

  1. We do a day of sugar-cookie baking–the kind that you roll out and decorate!

  2. Man, everything looks so good!!

  3. Fell better soon Ali!!!

  4. Cookies! I love the Russian tea cakes (as we call them, although butter balls is a more apt name). My favorite cookie is a nutmeg log. I make those every year by request – then I get to eat them LOL!

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