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Olympic Preview

I’m battling here folks; I’m battling. There’s this weird little bug thing going around. At first I thought it was just me, until I got back to work yesterday and heard many others coughing as well. I don’t have a full-blown cough. It’s a mild tickle/itch in my throat and some general irritation when I swallow. Nothing tragic yet and I’m hoping it stays that way!

Today I’m hoping you’ll indulge me just a little bit. I mean, how awesome is it to have an Olympian IN THE FAMILY? I tell ya, all the athletic genes passed right on by me and winded up with Alex. He’s a superstar!

For those of you who don’t know, Alex is one of 151 athletes who will be going to Peyongchang South Korea in a few weeks to represent Team USA in the Special Olympics Winter Games! He is one of 3 athletes from Wisconsin and will be competing in the snowshoe racing events. He’s the only US athlete who qualified for the 5K and 1600m events and he’ll also be one of the anchors on the 4x400m relay.

When they were doing their pre-Olympic training in Lake Placid a few weeks ago, they took individual and team shots. We just got them and it’s soooo cool!

lake placid 2

USA snowshoe team and coaches (Alex is in the front row, second from the end)


It’s not every day someone from our town has something this cool happen – and the local news station interviewed him last week. It was really awesome. They took footage of him at work and then racing around with his competition gear on (we had to get special permission for him to wear his official competition clothes for the interview).

I have a link to the news clip below – it’s short and you’ll get to see Alex in action!

Alex’s News Interview

interview 2

The only thing cooler than all of this would be if he bagged a medal to bring back with him. Fingers crossed!!

interview 1

He heads to South Korea with the team a few days before the opening ceremonies on the 29th and will have 3 days of preliminaries, a day of rest, and then his three days of competing which will wrap up the day of the closing ceremonies (Feb 5th).

Go Team USA!


12 Responses

  1. That’s great! Good luck Alex.

  2. How proud you all must be! And how exciting! Are you getting to go along as well?

    • I could have – but Matt (my middle brother) has kidney disease and can’t make the long trip. He’ll be staying home and I thought I would stick around to help out and check in on him. He’s had quite a few medical scares lately and I’d like both of the boys to have family support. Mom and Dad are both going – it’s their first trip outside the US! I’m dying with excitement though and can’t wait to see all the pictures.

  3. How awesome!!! 🙂 I would be so so excited if one of my family members got that honor!

  4. Honestly that made me tear up! I am so proud of your brother, Go USA!!!! I really hope he brings home the gold!!!!

  5. Wow that’s so cool! I had no idea there was a snowshoe team, either.

  6. Amazing! Congrats to Alex. A real star 🙂
    Hope you feel better soon. That bug seems to cover several states.

  7. This is amazing. As a special educator and coach of special olympics swimming, this makes me SO incredibly happy and proud! You’ve got a champion on your hands!

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