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2012 Rewind

happy new year 13


I hope 2013 brings you much joy and wonderment. I still can’t believe where 2012 went… a lot happened this year!


Last year at this time I was busy coordinating flight times because Ben spent most of the first couple months of ’12 flying back and forth to Texas for work. I remember it being hard having him gone week after week but it was so rewarding for him and he got to be a big part of the oversight on his company’s new building. While work was ramping up for Ben, I also started my job transfer at work too. We also had a new addition to the family when Mom, Dad, and the boys brought little Hailey home.

Blog 164183


Who would have guessed my 2012 trip of the year would be a surprise weekend trip to Texas – with free flights! It was wonderful to see my grandparents and have a quick break from the WI cold.

Blog 164259

March brought plenty of surprises but none so big as the offer Ben got on his house! March was spent enjoying warm weather too – we had days where the temps hit 80: craziness!

But the animals sure liked being outside 🙂


And Chicken and Rice became my #1 blog post. Maybe cause it’s quick and delicious?


April was a bit of a blur because so much happened. We had 30 days to move Ben out of his house and after a quick and fruitless house hunt, I had him move into my spare room.


While we spent most of the time concentrating on packing, condensing, and finding a storage unit, at the end it was hard to say goodbye to Ben’s house. I know it probably was worse for Ben – especially since all his stuff was packed up in a storage unit and his living situation was in a temporary limbo – but I felt a tug when I reflected about all my landscaping efforts and projects around the house.


The great weather arrived! May marked the beginning of Alex’s soccer season and his high school graduation


Ben and I also took a wonderful and much needed weekend vacation to Madison. We ate wonderful food and enjoyed the sights! I also began up my yearly 5K training attempt.


June kicked off one of the hottest summers I can remember. Temps were consistently HOT, sticky, and downright miserable. But June brought the return of my summer love:


Oh peaches! You are my reason for living!! 😉

I also basked in berry picking and made the best strawberry shortcake ever – and gluten free!



I *finally* wheeled my bike over from storage at my parents’ house, got it ready to ride, and started biking


But the real excitement was finding our new house! Even though we had only been really actively looking for a few months, it felt much longer and it was such a relief to find a place we could call home.


For my biggest fitness goal of the year – in August I clocked more than 200 combined miles walking and on my bike. It’s the month I’m most proud of! I bought a Groupon for a women’s only fitness place that was fantastic. If it hadn’t been so $$$, I’d still be there! I also fell in love with the summer Olympics and my blog readers fell in love with cheesecake brownies (not that I blame you!)



We spent September eagerly crossing off the days until we closed on the new house. Meanwhile we bought furniture and made lots of plans on what we’d do when we moved in. I participated in my yearly 5K run/walk and despite a poor finishing time, I was glad I went!



October was spent painting, painting, and painting some more! We re-painted every room in the new house and then packed all of my apartment up, emptied out the storage unit, and moved into the new house just in time to enjoy my pretty backyard



November brought plenty of school insanity and I tried to juggle my worst semester of classes yet. There were a few moments where I wondered if I’d actually get everything wrapped up in time. It also brought the warmest Thanksgiving – Ben was stringing Christmas lights in a t-shirt!



It was all about winding down in December. I wrapped up the school semester (half-way through to my degree now!). I enjoyed a wonderfully long vacation from work which I spent doing a lot of lounging, sleeping in, and pushing water as I worked through another round of kidney stones. Thankfully – MUCH easier than what I experienced in July!

There were so many wonderful things that happened in 2012: my new job, our new house – it was very exciting! Now it’s time for me to turn to the new year and all the possibilities that 2013 will bring. I’m so thankful for all you readers. Thanks for being with me this year and I look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Love, Ali



10 Responses

  1. Happy New Year! Fun recap.

  2. I LOVE that running action shot! You had a great year! Can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store 🙂

  3. A lot of big events for you this year! Thanks for sharing and here is to a fabulous 2013!!

  4. Happy New Year Ali. Best to you and Ben (and your whole family) for 2013!

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