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On The Eve of Christmas

Ahhh my blog-friends. I hope you are all snuggled in your beds with visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads! 🙂




We had some Christmas snow this morning – it was beautiful and the inch+ was just enough to give everything a fresh powder cover. It looks amazing.




I’ve been busy soaking up all the pre-Christmas festivities as much as I can. Unfortunately… my friend from 6 months ago made an unfortunate reappearance. Fortunately I spotted the warning signs right away and have been busy doing what I can to minimize and still enjoy everything that needs to be done!

Ben and I are both on vacation this week, so it’s the perfect time for serious water-guzzling, family-enjoying, and R&Ring!




I am sending wishes your way for a wonderful holiday with family, friends, or just yourself if you’re celebrating alone this year. Enjoy and may the peace of the season be upon you!


Love, Ali



3 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas! I hope thing “pass” uneventfully for you!

  2. Merry Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas, pretty! We only had rain here in Pittsburgh!

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