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I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus!

Houston, we have a problem.

I can’t find my jump drive anywhere!! I brought it home over the weekend since it’s the 4G plastic recreation of my entire life, and put it in my coat pocket. Now… said coat pocket is empty and the drive is no where to be found!! HELP!!

*hangs head in dismay*

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time sitting in the living room staring at the Christmas tree. Maybe that sounds a little weird, but I love it. It’s quiet, peaceful, and I’ve always loved to look at the lights. When I was a kid, I’d grab a book and curl up near the tree for hours. Now we’re just a week away!

I’m always learning new things about Ben. For instance, early in our relationship I figured out the boy doesn’t eat fruits or vegetables – unless you count strawberries in the summer. So when I sliced up a whole cantaloupe to nosh on last night, I didn’t expect this when I came back:


Almost gone! I’ll admit, I’m kind of proud. 🙂

I got some awesome training photos of Alex during the Winter Games training. They were training at the same Olympics facility as the Lake Placid Olympics. They even took a break to walk through the Olympic Museum where they have all the torches from the various Winter games.

Here he is doing some training sprints. Alex is second from the left in the blue jacket.

LP training 2

Team USA snowshoers! Go Team! (Alex on top of the hill – #104)LP training 3


In non-related but terribly exciting news…


I *finally* found one! I’m still in a bit of disbelief too! I needed to pick up a few things and didn’t want to deal with the mall, so I drove across town to a less-busy ShopKo. They didn’t have what I needed (which meant a trip to the mall after all) but I walked past the toy aisle. It’s becoming habit now. They were on their last day of Ninja Turtle BOGO 50% off and had just two left on the shelves. One was April, one of the side characters, and I pushed her to the side and my jaw hit the ground. Absolutely cannot believe the luck! What are the odds? I stared for a good couple minutes and then quick yanked him off the wall before anyone came 🙂 This girl is taking no chances.

The checkout boy was so excited when he saw it too. He said had he known that was there, he would have bought it! I picked up the April character as well – since she was 50% off – and I think I’ll package her with the other 3 turtles and then give Ben Donatello after everything else. Hahaha

Very happy. Christmas shopping is officially finished! Just need the last couple things to arrive.


2 Responses

  1. Congrats on the Donatello 😀 It’s always awesome when you get the perfect gift for someone.

    My very favorite night of the year is Christmas Eve. I have always loved to turn the tree lights on and the room lights off. Then I put on Christmas music and just enjoy all the anticipation, knowing that it all ends the next morning. Even as an adult I still do this.

    • I love that. When we were growing up we had some Christmas Eve traditions that I just loved. Now since we aren’t all at home anymore, I enjoy listening to music or watching a Christmas movie. But I get excited and anxious – just like I did as a kid.

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