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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Howdy folks! Did you know that at this time next week, it’s Christmas Eve? I always wonder how it gets here so fast, wish the season was longer, and try to do whatever it takes to hold onto the season just a teeny bit longer. Plus, I’m excited. Little kid excited. It happens every year. 🙂 Birthdays? Blah, take or leave em, but Christmas… well it still holds that childish awe and glow for me.

The weekend was fabulous! I took Matt shopping on Friday and the crowds were less painful then I expected. We found parking spots and managed to get all his shopping done in a little over 2 hours and then stopped for some carb loading at iHop.


Even though Ben and I now go to a local place for Sunday breakfast, iHop was “our” place when we first started dating and we had breakfast their on Christmas Eve the first two years we were together. So… I still like going back around the holidays – plus I love their seasonal pancakes. The carrot cake ones (above) are marvelous!

Saturday I tackled BodyCombat #52. This workout was heavy on the cardio and heavy on the kicks. No ab work. Each workout begins pretty much the same – warm up with basic shuffles, kicks, and punches, then your songs that build various combos, and the final section is focusing on lower body: lunges, squats, kicks, etc… Those last parts are killer. 🙂 This class had a section with 218 kicks during the song. Ouch! I always seem to have a day or two delay on muscle soreness and my right arm is stinging a bit this morning. Fingers crossed it’s feeling better tonight and I can shoot for the 6:30pm class.

It rained most of the weekend. I’m a little nervous because the ONLY time I ever want snow is during the holidays. There’s some in the forecast for Thursday but I can’t tell how much or if it’s expected to stick. Meanwhile though, I’m not *exactly* turning up my nose at the 40 degree temps. Kinda fabulous, snow aside 🙂

Yesterday there was a flurry of fire engines at the house behind ours. I was ready to rush out with some blankets and water but then we noticed there was no smoke and people were calmly walking around inside. My guess is a carbon monoxide detector or smoke alarm went off somehow? They were monkeying around in the attic for quite a while.


I’ll admit, this stuff is interesting to watch when you know no one is hurt and the house is fine.

Mom, Dad, and Alex came over yesterday for a quick visit. Have I told you about Alex? He just got back from a week of training in Lake Placid. He’s headed to South Korea in January to represent the USA in the Special Olympics Winter Games.

Here he is training in Lake Placid (he’s out in front):

alex lake placid

He was elected team captain as well! It’s a pretty ridiculously cool thing and I should cover it more on my blog because it’s super exciting. He’s one of three athletes (in all the winter sports combined) from Wisconsin and the first from our district.

Alex Olympics

He’s the ONLY athlete from the USA who will be competing in the 5K and 1600m for snowshoeing. He will also be in the 4x400m relay. Three medal chances!

Boy do they outfit them with swag:

Alex Swag

He’s set for life. 🙂

Have a great Monday everyone!


4 Responses

  1. Good luck to Alex – that is a *ton* of swag! You two have the same smile 😀

  2. Haven’t been to iHop in YEARS! I used to love eating breakfast there.
    Way to go Alex! Amazing 🙂

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