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Silver Bells

Oh no!


I’m somehow killing the poinsettia Ben brought me! At first I thought I was over-watering it, so I cut back. Then I thought maybe I was under-watering. I don’t know. I am a poinsettia killer. đŸ˜¦


My tree is finally finished!


Thankfully hanging lights and bulbs on a tree is waaaaay easier than trying to keep a plant alive. I do better with plants you grow in dirt outside. Nature takes better care than I do!

We had done a fair amoung of decorating last week but there were some bare spots that still needed extra ornament coverage, so I rushed out to get some more bulbs.


I didn’t have silver ones, so I got more of those. I also love the gold icicles – they look great on the tree and stand out really well.

Plus, I couldn’t resist these little baby ones – perfect for tiny areas!


I’m thinking I should go back and get another sleeve or two. I tend to go overboard đŸ™‚ Tis the season and all.


One of the things I love about real trees (besides the fact that it’s a real tree) is how they smell. I came across some “Scentsicles” in the store – you hang them on your tree and it makes it smell like the real thing!


I’ve seen pine, fir, and spruce scents. Each container comes with 6 and they recommend 4 on a tree. I have three on ours right now and that seems about right. Let me warn you, these things SMELL (well, they’re supposed to right?) so you’ll be overwhelmed with fresh cut tree scent when you first open the jar, but the smell diminishes once they are on the tree and it’s much lighter – just enough of a tinge to make guests think your gorgeously beautiful tree is the real deal.


I found it easiest to attach ornament hooks to the rods and hang them on the upper inside of the tree. Then wash your hands unless you want to smell all tree-ish.

In the land of food, it was pancake day at work and I tried the pumpkin pancakes with apple cider syrup. I had to smile a bit because until Mom came over a few weeks ago with the pumpkin apple cobbler – I’d never heard of the apple/pumpkin combo – yet here it was again!


Thick – almost like a jelly or jam in consistency but very good. Although I still think I love pumpkin pancakes best with little bits of cream cheese in them and a generous dollop of whipped cream. Christmas is not for the diet conscious!

I’m off of work tomorrow – planning to pamper myself with an hour long spa facial and then a hair cut. Should be an awesome day!


2 Responses

  1. Your tree looks very pretty.

  2. I love your tree! I saw those scent sticks and I wondered how they were. There is nothing worse than a fakey pine scent and it seems to be hit or miss when you get something like that.

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