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The Hunt

Twas the week before Thanksgiving and a young couple was casually strolling the aisles of Walmart for the usual weekly purchases while commenting on the hustle and bustle of the upcoming Christmas season.

The young lady turned to her boyfriend and asked what he wanted for Christmas. He gave a large sigh, shrugged his shoulders and proceeded to answer the same way he did every year:

“You don’t have to get me anything.”

“But you know I will, so it might as well be something you want!”

“I don’t know. I don’t want anything.”

Resigned, the couple continued their shopping. Around one corner the man stopped, jaw slack and eyed wide.

*Gasp* “Oh My God. They have new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures! THAT’S what I want for Christmas!!”

“Ninja turtles?” She asked. “They’re $9 each and it looks like there’s 8 of them. You want them all?”

“Nope, just the 4 turtles but if you don’t want to buy them all, really the only one I want is Donatello.”


The girlfriend was elated. She had a fun Christmas gift idea that was sure to please and the HUGE display of turtles told her she could even come back later – incognito – and make her purchases without him there.

And so she waited until after the Black Friday flurry and went back late the following week. And the rack was gone. Slightly puzzled she walked up and down every aisle in the toy department before finding the Ninja Turtle section. There was only one turtle left and it wasn’t Donatello. Annoyed and perplexed, the girl left the store and drove across town to the other Walmart.

They were sold out too. With slightly more purpose and worry, the hunt began.

The girl drove to a neighboring city 30 miles away. No luck. She tried alternative stores. She often found the Rafael turtle, but never the others. Resigned for the day, she purchased the single turtle and went home.

Explaining her woes to family and friends, the girl grew smarter(?) in her Holiday hunt. She began harassing the toy departments before driving over. Just her luck, on Dec 5th the Walmart across town had a Donatello. They were putting it in layaway and she could pick it up whenever she wanted!

Taking an hour of vacation time, the girl raced over to the store. Now for those of you not aware, the layaway dept in Walmart is also the photo center, the large package pick-up, and the mail package drop off. After an HOUR of waiting, the girl jumped up to the line and gave her name. The lady slowly picked through the boxes and withdrew the now-familiar purple and green box. Her heart lept. She laid it across the table and began ringing up her purchase.

It was Raphael.


Raphael? How the heck is this Donatello? She was specific. REALLY specific. How could this happen? How could she have her hopes dashed like this? What would she do now? She frantically called Toys R Us but was unable to get through to a live person – so she drove over.

They had two more turtles: Leonardo and Michelangelo. Since she hadn’t seen those around, she picked up one of each. Now she had 3 of the 4, but not the most important one.

The resentment set in low and deep. Honestly, why would so many people need these stupid turtles? They aren’t even popular anymore are they? Why couldn’t her boyfriend have picked something she could find? Why, oh WHY didn’t she pick them up earlier?

With tears pricking her eyes she walked up to the counter and asked if she could order a Donatello. They sent her over to the Baby Registry section of the store where she waited another 20 minutes only to walk back and ask for someone to please call for an employee who could assist her. Back to registry… Nope, the turtles were not able to be ordered, the lady had no idea if more would come in, and since it was St Nick, she wasn’t going to bother calling another Toys R Us because they likely wouldn’t answer.

Well thank you Toys R Us for trying. I can guarantee you that girl will not be a returning customer.

Online was even less fruitful and possibly more discouraging. The girl always found what she needed online.


donatello target


donatello shopko

(Um considering they were running a BOGO 50% off… ??)

Toys R Us:

donatello toysrus

Oh goodie – you can ship to home but there’s no button to add it to the shopping cart. Thanks for NOTHING Toys R Us!

And lastly, Amazon:

donatello amazon

$20? This one hurts just a little bit. $20 for an action figure? Plus shipping. It’s not even an old collectible! Plus, no doubt they mock her with the “1 left in stock”. It’ll be sold by the time she adds it to her cart!


As the girl surveyed her accumulated purchases, she weighed the fate of Donatello. For her boyfriend, a certifiable minimalist who doesn’t like so much as a pen on his desk, the fact that he wanted to proudly display them on his desk goes to show just how much he really wants these darn things. Echoing in his girlfriend’s mind “If you only get one, I really want Donatello”.

(And the Amazon price jumps to $21.49)

There are two weeks until Christmas and the girlfriend knows only one thing. Donatello WILL be under that tree if it kills her but she’s not yet willing to dish out $25 for one of these things. How she will find him, remains a mystery…



7 Responses

  1. Ben is one lucky guy!!!! So fun. Have a great day Ali.

  2. I know how you feel about no store having what you want! I searched many stores for an Elmo for my daughter. Ended up being at Fleet Farm, but not for long.
    I’ll keep my eye open for any Donatello’s for you. If it’s the last one, I can even pick it up for you and mail it to you… Though, I don’t know how much I’ll get out from now until Christmas, since I just had a baby… but you never know!

    • This is really, really weird. I went to your blog and saw your pregnancy updates but when I looked last week I didn’t see an update since August (and hadn’t seen a new post in ages) and thought you were taking a blogging break. Not sure if something was cached weird on my side. Anyways, CONGRATS on baby #2!! How exciting!!!

      You have a baby to worry about, leave finding Donatello up to me. If need be, I’ll open up the wallet and buy one from Amazon. 🙂

      • Yeah, things have been crazy over here for the last few months, that blogging just hasn’t been on my mind.
        Hopefully I can get settled with two kids and start up again.

        I do still have to get out of the house sometime… so if I do end up going out, I’ll keep an eye out. Crazy how Amazon is so expensive… usually you can find pretty good deals on there!

  3. Does Ben read your blog? LOL – he’s gonna know his presents! I’ll let you know if I see Donnatello out there.

    • Ha ha – no I think he thinks it’s “girly” and probably with more pictures of him on it then he’d like. The only time he goes is to find pictures of things I’ve taken that he wants to show people. Plus, he kinda knows he’s getting these since it’s the only thing he told me. He just doesn’t know the related drama!

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