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Still a bit rushed

I’m behind on … just about everything over here! After working the crazy hours all weekend and week, even now we’re not officially done. There were a lot of problems / bugs / missing information and while that’s not daunting in and of itself, it is when you can’t figure out the root cause and the subsequent fix FOUR days later. Ouch

Somehow I managed to crawl into bed at 10 last night – the earliest I’ve been able to crash in days. I’m more than a little tired and have been doing equal measures of praying and crossing my toes for luck. I tried blogging twice yesterday but none of my pictures would upload and I figured it was a sign I should be doing something else.

I’m not sure how I’d have stayed somewhat sane during all of this if it wasn’t for a certain person who can always, without fail, make me smile…




Arrrgh, hold still!!!


There we go! 🙂


Mom swung over mid-chaos and brought us a new recipe to try: Pumpkin Apple Crisp!


Mom got a super large pie pumpkin and she’s been slicing, dicing, and cooking up a storm. Pumpkin and apples? It was a wild combination. Not bad, it was tasty, but her apple pear was soooooo out of this world amazing that I think this didn’t stand a chance.

Even with creamy ice cream on top!


Now for some useless ice cream facts. Did you know I used to work for an ice cream company? I blame them (not me!!) for all the weight I gained while I worked there. Free ice cream all day, every day? Dangerous.

Anyways, I went to pick up some vanilla to put on my crisp and grabbed some Breyers extra creamy. Breyers Butter Pecan was my mom’s favorite while I was growing up. We’d get the gallon ice cream pails of whatever so we could make cones or floats and have something handy in the summer for friends but mom always got her butter pecan. 🙂


I haven’t bought ice cream in a long, long time and didn’t even think to look at the ingredients until AFTER I got home. Remember the old days when Breyers vanilla had 5 ingredients? Milk, Cream, Sugar, vanilla, and natural flavors or whatever? Not anymore. If you’re looking to purchase ice cream, make sure it says “Ice cream” on it. The stuff I bought was “frozen dairy dessert”.

So you may wonder what the difference is. The FDA regulates standards for the amount of milk and milkfat that needs to be present in order for something to be called ice cream. If it is less than that, it’s dairy dessert. Typically a dairy dessert would have vegetable fats and more funky ingredients to make up for less of the expensive ingredients that give ice cream the smooth and creamy texture.

I could go on and on about ice cream so maybe I should just throw a tip or fun fact in here and there. In the meantime, just know that ‘ice cream’ is the way to go over a ‘frozen dairy dessert’

Have a super day, thanks for bearing with me these past few weeks when my blogging has been all over the place!


2 Responses

  1. Hope things settle down for you soon. It’s feeling stressful around here too. How do we get so busy??

  2. MMMMM pumpkin apple crisp sounds spectacular!

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