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It’s Friday, right?

The weekend is over! Hurray!!!

I’ve never been this excited for a Monday before. Ever. I was in the office all weekend for our project deployment. It started with longer hours Friday, I went home and got called back in at 2am Saturday and was in the office until 10pm, back at 8am Sunday and worked until 5:30pm.

Somehow I managed to shove a load of clothes into the washer at some point last night. Grocery shopping can always wait a day if needed but you NEED clean socks. That’s a necessity!

On Saturday as I was racing around the office, the front desk called saying I had a guest. Ben showed up with a poinsettia to keep me company. I have zero Christmas decor in my cube and I’ve got to tell you, getting that was the best part of my weekend.


We went to Olive Garden Friday night for dinner since I knew we wouldn’t have much time together after that. We both picked chicken scampi – loaded with veggies!


They had a seasonal drink called a toasted marshmallow martini. The picture looked so good I *had* to try it.


It was wonderful – sweet, thick “mashmallow-y” but needed to be sipped slowly. Lots of booze in there. I think the chocolate swirl on the glass was the most fun part of the drink though. We ate half our entrees so we’d have a quick meal at some point over the weekend. That was a good idea because I didn’t have time to do any cooking.

And ended up at McDonalds twice over the weekend – needed coffee Saturday morning and didn’t have a free moment Sunday until lunchtime.


When you’re used to your morning cup of coffee, waiting until 11:45 is really hard. I hope I never have to give it up. I’m not sure I could! 🙂

The McDonald’s drive-up is decked out in Christmas cheer too:


Ben spent Sunday morning tailgating and then watched the Packers narrowly beat the Vikings. The Pack is back in 1st for our division!

Sunday Packer traffic:


Sunday night I managed to heat up chili and Ben and I realized it was our 3rd anniversary of our first date! My how time flies. ❤


So now that I officially made it through that week, I think once I’m caught up on sleep I should be able to settle in and enjoy the weeks leading up to Christmas. I’ve unfortunately been gaining some weight (stress eating – eek!) so some gym time is definitely needed as well.

Happy Monday everyone! Here’s hoping Friday comes back soon!




5 Responses

  1. Holy non-existent weekend! I hope you get some comp time for all of that work! Funny you mention giving up caffeine… I to be a caffeine addict, seriously. I drank like 40 ounces of coffee per day. A year ago I found out I had a caffeine intolerance (it makes my blood pressure drop and causes fainting, yuck!) so I had to give it up 😦 I was super sad in the beginning but I actually feel more awake now plus I am saving a ton of money!

    • I started drinking coffee because I liked how it tasted – not for the caffeine boost… although now I definitely drink it so I don’t get the withdrawal headache!! Last summer they did a challenge at work for people to give up caffeine for a week and I was miserable. Wish I had the willpower to give it up and drink more water. Trouble is water isn’t as tasty as coffee. 😀

  2. That martini looks so good! I hardly ever drink any more, but I used to drink a lot of mixed drinks – and that one would be so on my list.

    • I used to drink maybe twice a YEAR. Now I definitely drink more but it’s not the norm or a must-have. It’s expensive, for one, and extra calories I don’t need (!!) but I enjoy trying new things here and there. It’s fun and how can you pass up a drink with the word marshmallow in it? 😉

  3. Yuck…I do not like thick, milky drinks…but i DO LOVE Olive Garden 🙂

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