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A Working Friday

What a messed up week this has been! With my project deploying over the weekend, I’ve been in the office long hours, forgetting what day it is/was, and constantly tracking people down for updates. This is the first Friday in several weeks that I’ve had to work (I was using PTO for a while – couldn’t get in vacation earlier in the year) and ironically Ben told me just yesterday that he’s taking today off! Wh-wh-what?? The ONE Friday I’m gone he’s going to be home?? Not fair. 😦 The boy needs to plan better.

We had a little time last night to sort through a few more Christmas boxes. As we untangled the Christmas tree lights, I could easily see we wouldn’t have enough for the new tree – so that project is at a standstill until we make it out to the store for more matching ones. In one box, we uncovered this cute mini Christmas tree. Neither of us has any clue where it came from – so we’re going to assume it was one of Ben’s previous roommates who left it behind.

little tree

Complete with little beanbag stand:


I’m sure I can find a cute little place for him. In the same box was also a Santa stocking


He’s sitting fashionably on the nail hook in the kitchen. Both Ben and I have fancy stockings from when we were growing up but for whatever reason, I hate the idea of having them here – away from all the family stockings Mom hangs on the mantle. I like going to visit and seeing everyone’s all together in one place. What I’d like to do is find some cute cross stitch or needlepoint stockings and make ones that look *kind of* similar for the two of us. However anyone who has done any cross stitch work will tell you – that’s not obtainable 25 days before Christmas. It takes FOREVER. So maybe that will be a 2014 goal. 😉

Last night we grabbed more QDoba. I always get the naked burrito and ask for the grilled veggies on top. Grilled veggies are an extra $1.69 and they give you the tiniest little scoop – it’s ridiculous. Last night I told the girl to give me a HUGE scoop – and she did. I was swimming in grilled veggie wonderland!


You would think with it being the Christmas season that we’d be enjoying plenty of eggnog and other seasonal beverages. Would you believe we bought a half gallon of egg nog, never opened it, and discovered it was two weeks PAST the expiration date by the time we finally got around to looking at it? Oops. Instead, we’ve found a new guilty pleasure…


Baumeister is a locally bottled soda company. Their cream soda is ridiculous – the vanilla taste is so rich and creamy and the smell is incredible too. It’s loaded with HFCS though so we need to watch how much we are drinking. It’s seriously addicting stuff!

Since I have to work this ENTIRE weekend (Ben had to give my Packer ticket for Sunday’s game away. Sniff. Sniff) I was planning to make a few trays of brownies for the others who will be in and then to bring my Christmas cards in and write them. I won’t have things to do for most of the day; I just need to be here in case things go wrong. I figured getting all my Christmas cards written and ready to be mailed would be quite the achievement. Usually they aren’t done until a few days BEFORE Christmas. 🙂

Happy Friday – Enjoy the last day of November!


3 Responses

  1. We have a place near me that makes homemade root beer and it is to die for! They even sell kegs of root beer for kids birthday parties and such 🙂

  2. Cute little tree 🙂
    Actually, instead of going through the agony of dragging our oversized tree up from downstairs, Ted bought a little one, pre lit, and we’ll simply take it out of the box and hope Zoey doesn’t attack it in hopes of retrieving a squirrel.

    Hope you had a good weekend.

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