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Finance, oh Finance

Well, does it come as a surprise to anyone that I didn’t finish my Finance paper last night? I haven’t been doing well with the overhead light in the office and after an hour or so, my eyes start to burn. So I did a little, went away, did a little more…. got frustrated…

It was a hot disaster. 🙂 The good news is I have until 6pm tonight to finish it and get it submitted online… so here’s hoping I am able to get out on time tonight so I can finish that baby up. For some reason, I think I do my best work when under pressure. Is anyone else like that?

It’ll be nice to chuck all these notes and assorted paperwork out the window too… I’m going nuts having to cart it everywhere with me in the slim chance I have a moment to work on something here or there.

I’m officially registered for next semester’s classes. In fact, the good news is that once I turn this paper in – I’ll be officially 1/2 way through! Just another year and a half to go. 🙂

My officially to-do list is getting long again. Since I’m working on hours, nights, and then over the weekend, all the things I want to do will have to wait a bit. I’m a little impatient because I want to get some holiday cheer going on! I have cookies that need baking, a tree that needs trimming, and decorations that need to be bought.

Until then…

The tree looks empty

My Christmas dishes remain next to the front door…

And assorted Christmas decor ends up in piles whenever I uncover some in boxes!

I’m so excited to have this week over though. I want to kick back, relax, and enjoy the Season. It goes by sooooo fast every year. I officially have the non-stop Christmas station programmed into my car radio and am getting my daily fix of songs. All is good!


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  1. Wahoooo for being almost half way through! I am loving the Christmas music already too 🙂

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