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And so Winter begins

There are two primary waves of thought when it comes to identifying the changing seasons. Having lived in WI my entire life, I’m blessed with 4 distinct seasons – all of which come with their own unique delights and wonders. The only downside is that Winter can (and has) lasted up to 6+ months. So while some identify the seasons based on the calendar date (it’s still techincally Autumn until Dec 23) for me – it starts as soon as the snow sticks to the ground.

Usually we have a snowfall or two where the ground it warm enough so it melts off within the day. We must have had just enough sustained cold weather for the ground to sufficiently freeze. There’s not a lot, but it’s now officially Winter for me!

It’s cold out too! Not biting cold but enough that you’ll regret if you don’t have mittens on. This morning I got to sleep in an extra hour. We have a group of people arriving at work to install some new stuff – and they’ll be here for almost two weeks! I’ve been working on this project since I started my new job in January so I’m anxious for everything to go smoothly. I’ll be working late nights, weekends 😦 , so I was able to start later than usual since I won’t be taking my half-days on Fridays. As a result, extra hour of sleep, trip to the full service gas station to fill up (how awesome are those? Didn’t need to get out of my car!!), caramel mocha at McDonalds, and still arrived at work 30 minutes before I planned to.

Mom sent us home with a bunch of leftovers. I should note we are finally done with all the cornbread. I think I’m cornbreaded-out for a few days weeks.

And Ben’s mom gave us a loaf of cranberry walnut bread.

Doesn’t it just look like Christmas bread? Sweet yet tart, it was delicious! I’m surprised we still have any left.

Ben’s been doing better than I at dropping weight and getting into shape. So much so that his pants are now beginning to slide down a bit farther than they should. This cartoon made me chuckle:

So fingers crossed that this deployment goes well. I also have just TONIGHT to finish my finance final exam – which means it could be a very, very late night tonight. EEK – well thank goodness for that extra hour of sleep! Have a super Tuesday!


4 Responses

  1. Good luck on the exam and congrats on the new job.
    Now you know what to get Ben for holiday gifts: pants. 🙂

  2. Good luck on the exam!
    I love cranberry bread. My mother makes that every Thanksgiving. Yum! I figure winter starts after Thanksgiving. Then it doesn’t really feel like fall anymore. We have not had any real snow yet, though (jinx).

  3. Best wishes to you! And for some reason I feel like guys have it easier when it comes to losing weight? LAME!

  4. HAHAHA! That comic made me laugh so hard!

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