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Chill’in and Grill’in

It’s another welcomed heat-wave folks! In fact, Turkey day has temps topping 60 degrees. Unreal and totally awesome! I’m thinking I’ll have Ben get to work on Christmas lights tomorrow morning while I’m whipping up our dishes to pass.

We had bought steaks to grill out with a couple days ago – only to discover we have no clue where the charcoal is! Maybe it was tossed in the move? No clue. We couldn’t use the grill at my apartment so wherever it ended up … it hasn’t been needed since April. We have solved the issue now though and grilling was the menu last night!

I was responsible for the broccoli and mashed potatoes. And yes, it may sound odd to have mashed pots 2 days before Thanksgiving. 🙂

I really like using the potato masher – it works incredibly well and I think gives less glue-y / gummy results then if you use a hand mixer

Mmmmm steak (why did we take the picture before adding the broccoli to the plate? unknown…)

I’m looking to hit the gym tonight for some Body Combat – never hurts to burn a few calories before a day of delightful eating.

I’ve decided (OK, Ben decided for me) that we don’t need the Black Friday shopping drama this year. We’re planning to stay at home and I’ll keep plugging away on my final exams.

I have gotten one or two good BF deals over the years. Are you a Black Friday shopper or do you stay at home?

For those traveling today – be safe!!


One Response

  1. I love taters! We don’t Black Friday shop. I am usually working anyway. I do local shopping on saturday. We have a cool artist building that has an open house Thanksgiving weekend and we go to that.

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