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Up to my “ears”

I’ve got a ‘corny’ story to tell you all today about Thanksgiving…

Both my and Ben’s folks live close to us. This is logistically fantastic for holidays because, while there’s maybe a bit too much back-and-forth, we can spend each holiday with both of our families. In the past, I’m known for contributing some kind of dish to the Thanksgiving happenings with my parents. Typically I’ll find something wild or a little different and let mom know a few weeks in advance what it will be so she can adjust her menu accordingly.

Ben, on the other hand, shows up empty-handed. I kind of chalk this up to him being a guy and because his mom really enjoys making holiday food for the boys. This year – just 2 days ago – I was informed that Ben signed us up to bring food.

And by “us” you know that means “me”

It’s funny too, because with my hectic schedule, I’d asked my mom if I could pass on food this year. Oh well. I didn’t get to choose my dish this time either – I was asked to make cornbread.

Cornbread is easy. Almost too easy. While I heartily agree that I don’t have the time for something really labor-intensive, I absolutely abhor the idea of bringing less than stellar cornbread.

So last night I was armed with 4 promising recipes and whipped through them in no time.

The only problem came to when I discovered I don’t have the correct cookware for so much cornbread!

Sour cream and creamed corn, whole kernel and white cheddar, regular oil-based, and regular butter-based…


And when the kitchen was filled with the sweet aroma of baked goods, it was time to dig in and sample!

Ok, butter wins over oil hands down (I am a little surprised there are so many oil-based recipes. Shouldn’t cornbread be buttery??). I didn’t like the recipe that had me put shredded cheddar on top because it turned way too brown before the bread was finished cooking and made for a chewy layer.

Butter-based traditional cornbread:

Cheddar cornbread:

There’s way too much here – we tossed the oil kind (why bother eating it?) and packaged up a ton for my family to taste-test. Ben was indecisive and liked them all for different reasons.

Should I also mention that while I was giving mom leftover bread, she then asked what I’d be bringing for Thanksgiving. *cough*

So somehow, now, on the year I was planning to make nothing, I am making cornbread, pumpkin cheesecake, and sweet potato casserole.

But that’s what Thanksgiving morning is for, right? 🙂


2 Responses

  1. You’re giving your mom the leftover cornbread? And not shipping it up to me here in Vancouver? I’m crushed… 🙂

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