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When Thursday becomes Friday

Oh thank goodness today is Thursday. Yesterday was a rough one. It was one of those days where stuff fell apart at work, and people got up in arms, and my higher ups decided it was my fault. Lovely. Today is so jam-packed with meeting after meeting I’m not sure I’ll find the time for lunch! Never have I had a day so full before. So I’m even more thankful that I have tomorrow off. After today, I think I’ll seriously need some rest!

Do any of you get awesome creative ideas off of Facebook? I see things all the time that seem so easy and clever! For those of you with leaves let, check out this creative leaf/flower arrangement:

I could definitely see doing something like that next Fall. Would be a pretty centerpiece for a kitchen table – and you could do a lot of amazing color offsets if you had some bright sugar maple leaves in orange and red!

With all the late meetings and work drama, instead of leaving work at 4pm, I didn’t walk out the door until 5:15 – and I have class at 6. Yikes. I hadn’t had time to even eat my lunch so I quick grabbed that, sat down, and chowed.

Also followed with a zevia cream soda. Cream soda used to be my FAVORITE kind of soda as a kid, and I’m back on that bandwagon again. I like Zevia because it’s stevia-sweetened, but their cherry cola is my favorite flavor. For cream soda, I’d go with Blue Sky.

Well, guess it’s time to get this day started. Doesn’t look so windy out today, which means it will feel a bit warmer. I have a feeling when I get home tonight I may be totally wiped! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I am sorry you had such a bad day at work. That stinks! At least you have a long weekend coming up.

  2. Love the rose made from a leaf. Some people are so creative!

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