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Single Lady Vegging

Don’t worry – this isn’t some binge post about how I sat around last night plowing through plates of broccoli and brussel sprouts. πŸ™‚

With Ben away in Madison, I have the house all to myself. As much as I like having the guy around, I’ll admit – it’s good to be queen of the casa. My folks came over last night and brought a pan of warm apple-pear crisp. Amazing!

It was so good – tangy, sweet, and cinnamony (that’s a word, look it up!). I’ll get the recipe from her and post it for everyone.

I told Ben he’d better hurry home or it’ll be all gone! Muhahahah!!!

We have the newly painted “bar” room back in order. I’d love to eventually turn this back into a formal dining room. The kitchen table is too small of an area for a large group. However, there is tile on half the floor and carpet on the other… so it’s not as simple as ripping out the cabinets and moving them into the basement. In the meantime, Ben gets to enjoy his bar room.

He has all kinds of fun(?) things to put up on the walls. What always seems amazing to me is how much better the room looks with just the fresh coat of paint. The old owners must have never painted in here because there were black dirt/grunge marks surrounding where all their pictures had hung on the wall – and we couldn’t scrub it off.

Now it looks clean and cheerful. Ben’s folks also dropped off a housewarming gift perfect for this room:

Le Sigh – ❀ The Packers

I also have my pantry in order. Finally.

So slowly but surely things are getting in order!

My last in-class Finance class is tonight and then the rest is take-home papers and final exams. SO happy the weekly homework is done and I can focus on wrapping this class up. Finance is definitely NOT my thing!


5 Responses

  1. Sooo jealous of the size of your pantry! And that crisp, too, of course! πŸ™‚

  2. I wouldn’t even tell Ben there is crisp at all – then you can have it all to yourself πŸ˜€

  3. Fantastic pantry!!! Glad the place is coming together Ali.

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