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Yesterday I was absorbed in work stuff… head down, scrunched-up nose, shoulders tense in deep concentration when the guys one row over yelled out “It’s SNOWING”

Snow? Already? Gahhh!

The first snow of the year is typically a flurry of sorts and that’s what we had yesterday. Nothing “stuck” but you could see some traces of pillowy flakes that had accumulated in corners blown by the wind. I woke up this morning with a bit of trepidation. I kept telling Ben that we bought the mondo-large snowblower with the purpose of keeping all the snow at bay!

I’m very happy to report that this week is my last week of in-class classes this semester. There’s been weekly homework, many more papers than usual, and I’m beat! Once this week is over we have 3 additional weeks to complete our final exams and finish up group projects. I have most of my group work done already but the Finance final is looking like it will take some significant time.

Ben is more excited about my classes winding down for a different reason: meal planning. We really don’t have time to make dinner until Thursday (Mon-Wed are booked with class stuff) so we’ve just been making a large batch of whatever and then heating up the leftovers each day.

Today’s meal of the week: BBQ turkey sandwiches.

It’s the easiest recipe ever. You take a boneless turkey roast and put it in a crockpot along with a finely diced onion and a bottle of BBQ sauce. We let this simmer on the lowest setting (10 hrs) and it’s ready when we come home. This smelled incredible!

Then you just shred the meat with a couple forks and you’re ready to go!

Broccoli is our go-to veggie. It’s easy to cook and gets some green on the plate.

I’ve also discovered the 8 o’clock coffee keurig cups. The hazelnut is amazing! It smells wonderful and is perfect along with a bagel and some white chocolate peanut butter. Nom Nom

I’ve had a few people ask what Ben does when I’m away in class…

He plays video games! He used to play a LOT more before we began dating and now schedules his time for when I’m out of the house or am playing something myself.

But – I am happy to overlook his gaming love because lately he’s developed another habit – leaving me cute little notes in random places.

There was the Friday morning when I woke up and he was already gone to work:

And then this morning he took off for Madison for 2 days and left another:

Is it amusing to anyone else that all the notes tend to land on something coffee-related? What does that say about me? 🙂

So for tonight, I get to work on some school stuff, eat leftover turkey, and plan some quiet vegging time. Should be great. Have a super day everyone!


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