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Cleaning Advice

What a weekend! Saturday Ben and I had a jam-packed day planned. We wanted to head to the local craft fair to pick up the Christmas wreath for the door (it’s early, I know – but that’s when Alex’s old school does their fair. So for now, it’s just hanging on the wall in the garage) and then I planned to drag Ben to the outlet malls so we could tackle some early Christmas shopping.

First stop – iHop. IHop used to be our breakfast place. The first 2 years that Ben and I were dating we had breakfast Christmas Eve at IHop. So… it has special memories. We rarely go there anymore now because it’s twice as expensive as our new breakfast place, has at least a 15min wait every time, and if you are unlucky and get a table – it’s super noisy in the middle of the room.

But they do have amazing french vanilla coffee…

We drove to the craft fair and picked out our wreath. I was happy because last year we paid the admission to enter the fair only to find they were sold out of all the small wreaths. 😦 I knew better than to drag Ben through craft exhibits when we still had shopping to do, so he loaded the wreath into the car while I did a super-fast breeze through. I ended up grabbing some cute towels. I’m a sucker for holiday stuff and at 3/$10 you can’t go wrong.

The outlet malls are about an hour drive each way – so we rarely go there. They’re a lot of fun but many of the stores I’m familiar with actually don’t have prices any better than what you can find on sale or on their websites. We returned an online purchase and then tackled the leather store. We wanted to get Alex a coat for christmas and found a crazy deal: $380 jacket on sale for $90! Then, when the cashier rang up the purchase, it actually came to $65! Awesome. Ben found himself some gloves and one of those felt hats with the bow on the side (he’s seriously wanted one forever).

I shopped around for a new purse but came up empty-handed while Ben found two new pairs of shoes. We joke a lot because even though Ben says he doesn’t like going to the outlet malls with me, he ALWAYS ends up finding a bunch of stuff he needs.

Then we hit the regular mall on the way home.

It was crazy-packed full of people. We both had our winter coats on, which was a mistake – it was in the 60s all day!! We found a comforter set for Ben’s brother that was 50% off – and had an additional 40% off on top of that. Another great deal and another person to cross off the shopping list!

With shopping done we decided to try out a restaurant that Ben loves – Famous Daves. It’s a BBQ place that they don’t have in Green Bay, so I’d never been there.

Funky decor:

I went with the two-meat place and chose beef brisket and chopped pork. I’d never had brisket before and this was amazing – super tender. Of course, the favorite part of the meal is their amazing cornmeal muffin. Yum!

We also got their drink specials – Ben with their seasonal tap beer and I got their “small” pina colada. Normally this would not be a BBQ place meal choice, but they remind me of when we were in Mexico last year and I haven’t had one in ages. Marvelous!

On the way home we stopped at the local cheese shop to grab a homemade pizza for dinner, some smoked mozzarella cheese, and a couple small pieces of their fudge. We went with the caramel apple pie and the peanut butter.

It was a super day. I couldn’t get over how warm it was – absolutely glorious! Plus I can’t tell you how nice it was to have a day away from school work and the computer screen and be out and about. I definitely needed that.

Sunday I tried tackling a job that’s been bugging me since we moved in – the shower door. At first it looked like there was heavy hard water deposits and mildew/mold on the doors. I took out the steamer and attacked the door – didn’t do a thing. Then I scrubbed with some mildew product – that didn’t do anything either.

We had both CLR and Lime Away (I think they are probably the same type of product) and spent short periods of time scrubbing the fumigated shower. Lemme tell you, if I had a wish – we would NOT have this silly door. Ben likes it, but then he’s not the one cleaning it!

Scrub-a-dub in da tub

It helped the hard water stains on the glass – I’d say those are 50% better (ugh) but the black discoloration marks on the stainless parts and along the caulk line are still there. So, I am now desperate for some cleaning advice. Has anyone had a similar issue? What did you use to get everything shiny again? I’m desperate!!

Totally switching topics, Sunday was also warm and in the 60s but rained almost the entire day! We got the new snowblower running for the first time so now that’s ready for the first snowfall. This morning I went out to put the garbage by the curb… and almost froze to death. It’s about 25 degrees out and the wind is CRAZY cold. What happened to that great weather!!???


8 Responses

  1. Ahhhh Famous Daves!!!! When we lived in IL, I used to do mystery shopping and that was our favorite assignment. Love FD!

    We were at an outlet mall on Saturday as well. Like Ben – John *always* finds something and I come away empty handed. Sigh.

    For the caulk lines, you probably should strip it off and recaulk because the mold is underneath the caulk and will just keep coming back. The metal part – you can actually get some rustoleum silver and spray it if you want it really shiny.

  2. I love Famous Daves! There’s one right near where I am moving, which could be dangerous! And I am envious of that coffee right now 🙂

  3. Great start on the holiday shopping and SUPER DEAL on that coat! I hope we’re so lucky!
    Looks like you enjoyed some awesome food over the weekend.

    Good luck with the shower. I have no idea how to get hard water stains off. But then again, I’m not the best cleaning person either.

  4. Your pictures in the shower are hilarious!!!

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