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An Apricot Living Room

Phew! I now only have to wait another full day and then I’ll be able to go back on Facebook. I’m pretty sure if I wait just one day after the election, all the constant streaming of political this and that will be gone. It’s great that people are passionate (hopefully informed too) and even better that voter turn out seemed higher than in the past. But I’m way past overload on the commercials, radio ads, and facebook rants. Anyone else?

I’m so excited! Today I want to show you the apricot living room! I’m really excited about how it turned out, it’s definitely outside of the “usual” for both me and Ben. When we first looked at the house, this is how they had laid out the living room:

(I’ve always loved before and after pictures 🙂 )

It’s a warm interior – which you see reflected in the woodwork. The carpet and curtains are warm but their furniture was oddly blue (everywhere). I think someone missed interior decorating 101. When we moved in, we had the living room carpet cleaned twice and painted!



Keep in mind I don’t have my final furniture in here yet. I want to get an offwhite couch and loveseat/recliner and then get some rust colored accent pillows for highlight.

I’m pretty excited about how it turned out. I think it looks really warm and inviting. As an added bonus, all the tables I already had matched well with the baseboards in the house. Bonus!

You can see the accent color on the back wall clearly in this picture. If I were to do it again, I think I’d skip the accent all together but it was fun to try and see how it would work.

Now I’m just slowly working on the finishing details – like this cute little fall pumpkin for in front of the window.

It’s fun trying something a bit different. I think Ben’s getting used to it. 🙂 This was really, really out of his comfort zone. We’re a ways away from replacing the living room furniture (this room probably won’t be used much) but I still wanted to paint it for the way I want it to look once everything is done. I’m temporarily sick of painting and don’t want to re-paint later on!

What’s the coolest color you’ve ever painted a room? When I was in high school, one of my friends called me over to help her paint her bedroom. I walked over and she had picked a dark, dark purple. She had the can of paint, two paint brushes, and a single drop cloth. Nothing moved out of her room. So we just moved furniture around a bit and gave up halfway into one of the walls. I’m not kidding, it looked tragic. When I came over later it looked like she had finished just one of the walls – which had darkened to almost black. Wow. 🙂 Crazy kids!


3 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh it looks awesome!!! My bedroom as a teenager had 2 bright purple and two lime green walls!

  2. FB was pretty ugly this morning. I stayed off it for a while, but it seems to have died down.

    The room looks great! I love color.

    Our wildest room we did was in our old house. We painted our smallest bedroom (which we coined ‘the library’) dark purple with a Ralph Lauren suede finish. It was pretty cool. I so loved that room, but we repainted it a light mocha color when we put the house on the market because we didn’t think other people would like the purple.

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