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Call me, crazy

I was listening to the radio this morning and heard it mentioned that the NYC Marathon (scheduled for THIS Sunday) is still on. Is it just me… or is that one of the dumbest, most ill-advised things you’ve ever heard? Now I can fully appreciate the thousands and thousands of out-of-town runners who have been training for months, don’t get me wrong. Last I checked, which was about 10 seconds ago, there is story after story of the millions of people who still don’t have power, the transit systems are still not 100% up and running, and the cleanup yet to come is extensive to say the least. Bringing in all those additional people, spectators, and press – I really don’t see how that’s in the best interest of anyone right now. Is it just me?

Last night I was dancing around the house eagerly waiting for Ben to come home with the halloween candy so we could turn the lights on and, hopefully, meet some neighbors (I haven’t met anyone yet!). We filled a large bowl with the stash and eagerly waited.

Meanwhile I made our first legitimite dinner in the new kitchen! We’ve been eating way too many frozen pizzas and I made a gigantic batch of tacos. Growing up, our family was nuts about tacos and we ate them all the time. Mom would always put refried beans in with the ground beef and for me that’s just something you do. Ben hates refriend beans (because of how they look, not how they taste) and snapped a picture for you all so you’d back him up that refried beans are one of the most unappetizing foods around:

Humph, I don’t seem to recall him having a problem once it was all mixed together and topped with favorite toppings.

Meanwhile, the door bell didn’t ring. I glanced out the back door to see the kids streaming in and out of houses one street over.

Kids, come here!! We have candy!! *cackle, cackle*

And then one brave boy rang the doorbell. I think Ben was just as excited as I was and dumped a ton of candy into the kid’s bag. It’s a long driveway to walk up and because the lots are bigger – it isn’t a “neighborhood” the way it is on the next street. Makes for less noise but also less trick-o-treaters. I told Ben next year we’re buying full-sized candy bars. If we only get 5 kids, which would be a 500% increase, no problem, and I want to be “that house”. Me thinks word will get around that we’re the go-to house for candy in the future. 🙂 Halloween’s only a year away, let the planning begin. Ha!

In the meantime…. trouble looms….

Oh boy…

Do you have leftover Halloween candy? Do you have better willpower than I do?


5 Responses

  1. I agree on the marathon. The majority of power is supposed to be back on, but I can’t believe all the streets will be clear and traffic (foot and vehicle) will be moving normally enough for thousands of runners to be going through the city. I know there is a desperate need to get back to normal, but really?

  2. Yes, it would be a lot to get cleaned up before Sunday and what about transportation around NY-no subway travel. Willpower – finally have it pretty well controlled now since I’ve been off of insulin (pen kind) and don’t want to go back on insulin, if I can help it. If I take one candy bar, I know I will take another and another and another……..

    • Wow, congrats being able to get off insulin! I think you’re really right though, if I’m firm and just say no to the first sweet, I do well. Once I eat the first though…. it just digresses – almost like I tell myself that since I already had a piece I shouldn’t have had, the next 10 *cough* don’t really matter.

  3. I did read that they are now referring to it as the Race to Recover in which participants are asked to make donations…so that is at least a plus side!

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