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A Spooky Party

Ben has a friend who always throws a huge Halloween party each year. Normally I stay at home and watch scary movies or whatever (there’s a limit to the number of “sexy policemen”, “sexy firemen”, and “sexy referee” costumes I can handle). My friend Jess who got married a few weeks ago also throws a big party and Ben and I decided to check that out.

I showed you some of her decorations before. It’s seriously out of control.

Hard to see, but can you spot the creepy man in the window?? Eek!

Our hosts – a stunning witch, a bearded lady, and a cheerleading dog

There were some creative costumes…

And someone went crazy making jello shots. I passed on these, for some reason I never understood jello shots. I don’t want to eat jello booze – I’d just like to sip my drink all night long…

My silly, sexy friends

Just stunning, I know!

And I arrived …. with a horse

Apparently the cats were not a fan of the horsehead

Hard to tell from the pic, but their cat was locked in a staring match with Ben. He was really creeped out. 🙂

For some reason I didn’t take any pictures of myself, so I’ll try and get one from someone else to post.

After some general giggles and marveling in our costumes, we headed downstairs for karaoke fun. Ben is a really quiet/shy kind of guy. He also won’t sing in the car when he’s with just me. But, put a beer in his tummy and another in his hand and he thinks he’s a rock star!


Ben had a blast 🙂

I managed to get one Finance paper done last night. I have a quiz due at 6pm tonight so I’ll have to scurry home after work and try to finish it before class starts. Talk about cutting things close. Busy gal!

Happy Halloween!!

Question: What was your favorite Halloween costume? Mine was when I was 7 – I had a princess vest and tiara that had a plug in for a battery and lit up. I felt soooo cool walking around with pretty lights glowing in the darkness. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. OH my goodness that looks like so much fun! And hilarious! hahaha

  2. Fun! I made a costume one year going as a giant hershey kiss. I had a big brown garbage bag that I put leg holes in and filled up with crumpled newspaper to make the bottom flare out. I wore a brown jacket and hat and made a little white hershey tag to pin to the hat. It was fun, but I began losing newspaper out the bottom as the night progressed LOL!

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