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New Furniture!

Ahh, the smell of new furniture! It’s an exciting thing. I never bought anything new when I moved into my apartment – simply because I didn’t want to invest money in temporary housing (I knew I wouldn’t stay in an apartment forever) so I collected an assortment of mismatched items and garage sale finds that worked well enough. It’s fun to have a room where everything is new and matches. Thanks to Ben, I’ve been reunited with my camera and can show you some new house pictures. Hurray!

I had the day off last Friday and spent it having the furniture delivered, the house carpets touched up, and the apartment carpets cleaned. The furniture delivery guys were amazing – you can’t believe how easily they pick up sofas and move them around. I asked them for some tips on measuring what can fit through a doorway (since you can angle and get a bigger piece through) and mentioned how we couldn’t get Ben’s sofa into the basement.

Well, they re-popped the door off it’s hinges and slid it through in less than 5 minutes. I was shell-shocked. They both got tips too! 🙂

Mom was watching Xavier for the day and they came over to check out the new furniture and help me move Ben’s sofa around in the basement. What a great surprise for him!

Xavier made quick work of exploring the playhouse in the backyard

And mom brought me a mum for the kitchen.

And here is our freshly painted family room!

This carpet cleaned up pretty well. The curtains are a cream color with brown flecks which work really well with the new furniture. I’m thinking we need a tree in the front corner by the couch, a few throw pillows, and I need to crochet a blanket for the room.

Ben enjoyed lounging during the Packer game Sunday. It was funny because he opted to watch on my tiny TV so he could use the new furniture rather than sit on his old stuff in the basement.

The furniture was a great deal so if we ever want to upgrade to something else down the road, this would become the new basement furniture and Ben’s faux black leather stuff would be excitedly hauled away… that is if I can bribe the furniture guys to come back and move the couch for us again. 😉

The kitchen’s still in serious disarray. As a result, the eats lately have been disappointing and repetitive. I have a big crunch to get some school stuff done tonight and tomorrow before class but then I should have a little break and we plan to tackle the kitchen over the weekend.

Looks windy outside – the effects of Sandy are being felt well into the Midwest! It’s eerie too because I was talking to a guy who is an insurance actuary a few years ago and he mentioned how there was a prediction a hurricane / tropical storm would go through New York in the next few years and that some companies wouldn’t underwrite insurance for certain NY zipcodes because of high home values and houses so close together. In the event of a big disaster, there would be too much loss to cover. I pretty much rolled my eyes over it all – a hurricane through NYC?

Clearly stranger things can happen and I think that prediction now is a bit creepy in its accuracy.

Be safe everyone!


4 Responses

  1. Wow, love the furniture! We are looking for a set like that! Where did you get it?

  2. Your furniture looks amazing! The place is starting to come together and it looks terrific! 🙂

  3. Hey – you can always sell the old couch in the basement with the house if you ever sell! Then you don’t have to get it back up 😀

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